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A number of points from this season...
Too many players who fail to win ball. The rest is irrelevant if we don't have the ball.
Perhaps time to give Mickey a role upstairs. If he decides to stay on next year then fair enough, maybe he is owed one last go.
Still I'd ultimately like to see Peter Canavan given a go soon and maybe with Paddy Tally to come back to train. The team has lacked passion and conditioning. Those 2 could give both.
At underage the focus should be on the future, not on just winning. How many minor titles are we winning with players that are small thin and kind of fast.
Need the county and club setup to align. We are losing key players in club matches played a few days after County matches.
In the longer term maybe there is a case for an extra club in the bigger towns. Would increase the profile there.
Garvaghy needs to produce something tangible.

tyroneed (Tyrone) - Posts: 700 - 15/07/2014 20:52:43    1619964


I seriously can't get my head around people advocating Dungannon as a venue for a National League game. It's a monument to the 1970's. Not even appropriate as a venue for a Junior Championship game.

GrizzlyAdams (Tyrone) - Posts: 576 - 16/07/2014 12:31:57    1620164