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Tyrone Senior Championship who will win

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Good to see Our county manager using his column in the Irish News to wish the tyrone representives Clonoe all the best as they embark on their Ulster Club campaign not. No doubt this will be defended by all his disciples on here.

Anyway best wishes to the players and management on Sunday you have done everyone proud thus far and irrespective of the result on sunday you will represent yourselves, families, club and county proud O Rahillys Abu

rahillyman (Tyrone) - Posts: 314 - 18/10/2013 19:53:30    1503016


Good luck to Clonoe today I see the representing Tyrone well.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1644 - 20/10/2013 10:55:37    1503343


Best wishes to Connor for a speedy recovery after yesterday's bad injury. On the game itself we never really recovered from a poor start but the team played right to the end. Thanks to the management and players for all their efforts hopefully its onwards and upwards despite the defeat yesterday and with an under 21 final and under 13 and under 16 finals to come there is much to look forward too.

rahillyman (Tyrone) - Posts: 314 - 21/10/2013 11:52:06    1503734


been laid low with the flu, so last few days a blur. Clonoe did ok but Ballinderry won as have more experience at this level and they are a really good team, don't be surprised to see them progress in Ulster. Hope skeet's injury not too bad.

johnjoelglanton (Tyrone) - Posts: 27 - 25/10/2013 15:25:05    1505990


Good to see Ballinderry still keeping the Tyrone flag flying high in the Ulster Championship . Gook Luck Lads!

fortyfive (Tyrone) - Posts: 5929 - 04/11/2013 18:48:33    1509211


Ha ha fortyfive, Up Ballinderry Hi!

johnjoelglanton (Tyrone) - Posts: 27 - 05/11/2013 09:30:00    1509318