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Who cares what you think KitKat u obviously havent a clue!!

yewantsum (Tyrone) - Posts: 45 - 25/02/2011 14:34:49    876292


your on about being shown up again brogan last year. there wasnt one defender in all of ireland that wasnt showed up against that man, one of the all time greats in the making.. and only for a bit of inexperience ( getting yellow carded ) he would have stayed on him the whole match

clintonscigar (Tyrone) - Posts: 166 - 25/02/2011 15:23:13    876353


you keep talking brown about defenders yewantsum, let those who know more about football get on talking about the forward line (or lack of it)

kitkat (Tyrone) - Posts: 42 - 25/02/2011 16:22:26    876419


Fellas less of that arguing!! At the end of the day the only man that will improve tyrones forward line is in this line up
Mc guigan

Aidentaggart123 (Tyrone) - Posts: 8 - 25/02/2011 20:00:23    876585


Peter Harte
Brian Mc Guigan
Big Enda
Stevey O Neill
Rodney Gobbler

fuppin (Tyrone) - Posts: 567 - 25/02/2011 20:33:00    876623


I've heard Pooge is in great form for beragh but they can't decide on his best position?

Aidentaggart123 (Tyrone) - Posts: 8 - 26/02/2011 12:42:57    876806


Cannot understand why Mattie Donnelly is not on the senior panel...

Yet another couple of nice points from play from the Trillick man, for your perusal.



redhandmacca (Tyrone) - Posts: 240 - 04/03/2011 15:46:20    881393


Was talkin to Trillick man in the know and he reckons Mattie Donnelly HAS been asked onto the Senior panel some weeks ago but declined the invitation until after the Sigerson Cup. He reckons he will take up the invitation after his Sigerson/ U21 commitments are finished.

Eamy (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 05/03/2011 12:08:32    881808


No harm to Mattie, he didnt do much in todays final to make him an asset to the Tyrone panel

hannigantiptoe (Roscommon) - Posts: 38 - 05/03/2011 18:33:00    881971


true mattie didnt play well today but he a had a great score and not many of the team played well so could yet be an asset to the tyrone team

tyronelegend (Tyrone) - Posts: 270 - 05/03/2011 18:40:47    881975


colm mc cullagh a big miss leaveing the panel.. Brillant playmaker and free taker mickey just froze him out!!will be a brillant boost to dromore this season

tyrone08 (Tyrone) - Posts: 8 - 24/03/2011 14:53:48    895615


Mickey certainly didn't revere Colm as he did many of the class of 98'. Colm suffered the indignity of being told he'd get his chance at Croke Park in 2005 v Armagh in the Ulster Championship Final only for MH to bring on his son Mark who was woefully off form and not fully fit. From there Colm left the panel the following year but agreed to come back in the qualifier campaign of 2006 as the panel was hampered by injuries. Going forward Colm was in and out of the team before cementing his place in the glorious 2008 season. I was gutted to see him come off in the 2008 final as he'd come a long way to establish himself in the team. Again in 2009 and 2010 Colm often received lip service in relation to team selection (MH lack of willingness to talk to the players coming to the fore) and retired from the inter-county squad before the start of the current year.

Colm made a tremendous contribution to the most successful period in Tyrone Gaelic Footballing history and no-one can ever take that away from him.

kitkat (Tyrone) - Posts: 42 - 24/03/2011 18:04:29    895814


not many new faces or changes really in that couple years, so much for all the talent we've got coming through and experiments

at_it_allDay (Tyrone) - Posts: 55 - 08/07/2013 11:52:04    1426379


Tyrone have no obvious replacement at CHF for Brian McGuigan. It is this position that is causing Tyrone the most problems as the supply to the inside forwards is sometimes poor. Even when he is completely fit Stevie O'Neill is too far away from the half forwards and is therefore frustrately isolated. Myself I would pick Sean Cavanagh at no 11 for his ability to run at defences, make scores and take scores.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1641 - 08/07/2013 13:15:03    1426486


we tried sean at chf againist donegal it didnt work, thought when stevie o came out to chf he could have put some kick passes together- that didnt happen either though maybe he should have been out there from the start. think sean c done an interview sometime earlier this year saying the tyrone team could still use o mulligan out on the half forward line for picking out kick passes- i know taking mulligan back at this stage is going backwards but emaybe sean c knew there was not much for creaitivity in the half forward line?

at_it_allDay (Tyrone) - Posts: 55 - 08/07/2013 13:37:54    1426515


On Saturday evening Tyrone played without a half forward line, never mind an out an out 11. There is no room for creativity in the half forward line anymore, it's all work horses and ball carriers.

I have to say I enjoy watching Gooch trying to play this role yesterday, if anyone can pick a pass out of nothing he can.

maor_uisce (Tyrone) - Posts: 167 - 08/07/2013 15:28:11    1426707


gooch is class doin a chf role totally tore tyrone apart in the league (could get an all star there), thought stevie would do that for us againist donegal cos there is no stand out kick passing from anyone on the panel that would come close to gooch's talent other than stevie. i know tyrone would want hard gafters on the pitch but having all the half forwards covering back doesn't say much for the cover our defence requires plus its isolating the inside forward line too much so it slows an attack. mark donnelly is great going forward but he is shipping some massisve hits.

at_it_allDay (Tyrone) - Posts: 55 - 08/07/2013 15:58:40    1426770


Kyle coney has the talent to play at centre half forward. Drop petey back to centre half back and keep the tried and trusted formula of the two Donnellys dropping back and competing for breaking ball. This would leave a two man inside forward line of either mcaliskey and Oneill or mccurry.

I would then start penrose as an auxiliary forward to operate around the forward and run at defences with ball in hand.

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 08/07/2013 19:46:01    1427005


colm mccullagh played a big part for tyrone in 2008 but he was taken off in the final because of injury and replaced by s.o.n and i believe he retired the following year.

toe2hand (Galway) - Posts: 223 - 08/07/2013 21:24:59    1427101