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Aaron Elliott - Fundraising

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I'm sure many will have read the story on the main page. Aaron was struck by a car in Philadelphia at the weekend and was found unconscious. He has made some progress since but our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. A fund raiser has been set up to try and cover his rising medical bill. Anyone who can make a donation no matter how small it would be greatly appreciated.

rahillyman (Tyrone) - Posts: 313 - 31/08/2017 22:25:54    2041397


I gave a donation.....hope he's doin better.Any news on him?

seanie_boy (Tyrone) - Posts: 4217 - 26/10/2017 03:37:14    2058045


Hey lads does anybody know how this young fella is doing now? I hope he is making a good recovery.

seanie_boy (Tyrone) - Posts: 4217 - 05/01/2018 08:56:45    2066883