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Fair play to all Tipp fans who travelled to Newry yesterday. I think there was a hundred or so of us. Philip Austin was excellent yesterday, a great servant to Tipp football. I thought the backs were generally good but midfield and the forward line took a day off.

Tipp seniors have regressed badly from 2016-18. They have absolutely no one to find Quinlivan or Sweeney inside anymore like Acheson could. Their football has become slow and laboured. Their physical conditioning is the poorest I have seen in Liam Kearns tenure. I think Kearns is right to step down. Some players have become complacent. But Kearns is also right when he says that most of that team are only in the mid 20s and if they have the hunger could come again.

But if I'm honest I think Tipp will drop further back. The county board are apathetic towards the GAA. Yes, that's what I said. It's really the 'hurling board' in Tipp to the neglect of Football, handball and rounders. And the football county championship is uncompetitive. When the stronghold of football in the county, the South Division doesn't even reach a conclusion in its 2018 championship, things aren't right.

Anyway, thanks Liam for the glory days. Best of luck where ever you end up next. No doubt it will be a success.

fergo (Tipperary) - Posts: 46 - 10/06/2019 10:20:26    2192652


Yeah, the beginning of the end for recent Tipp football was when Cahill and Burke ignored the vote at the AGM to continue allowing our minor players to play hurling and football. It is a real shame because the talent has always been there and we are a big enough county population-wise to support strong senior teams in hurling and football.

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