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I think we are very close to agreeing Rich. I completely agree that there are more athletes playing the game and less natural footballers. The place of the unfit talented footballer has been replaced by the not so talented athlete.

I just believe that this has raised the "standard" of the game as being athletic, competitive and disciplined defending are also admirable skills of the game and as you say it allows the real top quality to shine through as the naturally gifted players (who are also able to compete physically) can still get great scores against these new defensive systems.

Getting bored when you are finding it difficult to continue to disagree Eoinog? Want to go back to giving out about an easy target like the county board?

commentator (Sligo) - Posts: 29 - 29/04/2013 17:59:39    1375835


wheres all the match reports??

rupp (Sligo) - Posts: 93 - 30/04/2013 09:33:46    1376178


Can we possibly have a discussion on football and the current matches. This standard talk is getting way out of hand. Anyone any inputs on the games at the weekend? Please can we get back to talking about real matters. Maybe a few reports, critical analysis, insights etc...

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 272 - 30/04/2013 09:46:31    1376184


Final post on this from me anyway. The following players have left their clubs this year through emigration and transfer: Brendan Egan, Colin Neary, Kenneth Sweeney, Alan Costello, David Maye to name only 5. Many more have gone but these lads would have been standout players for their clubs. This will considerably weaken their club teams this year and further decrease the standard of the Sligo Championship. Many more have gone before them in the last number of years O'Grady, Philips from Harps. Now are you telling me Commentator that despite this loss of players from clubs that the standard is still better than 10 years ago when the economy was stable and players didn't have to go abroad in droves for work.
In contrast to yourself the current tactics which Donegal employed well to win the championship last year is ruining the game. 12 men behind the ball with one or two recognised scorers. Negatively preventing the opposition from playing. Most clubs are now adopting these tactics as failure to do so will see them left behind. unfortunately skill levels like kicking the ball over the bar are left to 1/2 forwards while rest of the team are workers and athletes. The Curry Tourlestrane game last year was fascinating and intense but was it a good game. Don't think so too much fouling and turnovers, wides for it to be termed a good quality match

Anto (Sligo) - Posts: 278 - 30/04/2013 14:25:07    1376409


Maybe it was because the Maestro that is Mickey Kerins was celebrating his birthday and the team were overwhelmed that their most recognisable son had reached his 70th birthday but if St Pats are to survive in the upper tranches of the Senior league they need to get their act together and fast. They were ruthlessly exposed by an Eastern Harps outfit that swatted them aside with minimum fuss. They scoreline at half time in Keash with its superb electronic scoreboard showed the home team leading by 4 pts to 1 in as drab a first half as the scoreline suggested.

Playing with the strong breeze Harps took over in the second half with the excellent John Rafferty causing problems for the St Pats rearguard with his direct running and kicked 3 points in the process. Shane Regan who was on the Sligo U.21 team capped a fine display with the only goal of the game after a typical fluent move started in the full backline by the Harps outfit.

Pats were struggling all over the field and very heavy reliant on Patrick Clarke for scores but he was guilty of clipping the crossbar from a penalty in the dying moments that would have put a bit more respectability on the scoreboard. Aside from Augestine Clarke who put in a useful hours work and David Giblin who also caught the eye in patches the Dromard outfit will have to knuckle down to more serious work as the Celebrity Bainnisteoir is well and truly over.

After the match both teams were treated to refreshments in the clubhouse a treat I am told occurs for all Harps matches.

townbuck (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 30/04/2013 15:23:26    1376464


Now rupp there is my report. Its a short report cos it was a dreadful game and only for the biting wind I would have nodded off to sleep. No point in writing a big report about nothing. We will struggle to stay up. I notice no one else did a report

townbuck (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 30/04/2013 15:26:26    1376467


After reading the report on the match and its not Con Houlihan standard but its good and fair dues to you for taking on the job

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 812 - 02/05/2013 10:37:16    1377465