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We seem to be slowly coming out of lockdown so I thought as most sites seem to be naming their best team over the 50 years I thought we should try and name our best 15 over the last 30 years. To start it off I will give you my best 15 which is open to scrutiny and criticism.

(1) Pat Kilcoyne
(2) Charlie Harrison.
(3) Noel Mc Guire
(4) Ross Donovan
(5) Paul Mc Govern
(6) Adrian Mc Intyre
(7) Bernard Mulhern
(8) Paul Durcan
(9) Padraig Doohan
(10) Mark Brehony
(11) Eamonn O Hara
(12)Sean Davey
(13) Dessie Sloyane
(14) Paul Taylor
(15) Fintan Feeney

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