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I think Sligoman1234 I wanted O Hara to get his shot at it more than I thought but the decision is made so of course I am going to welcome McEntee. We are a funny old county though, when Taylor got it everyone is like he is one of our own. So he got an easy ride in the main. But with O Hara, not even the County Chairman being from his club can get him the job. I just don't get it. My understanding is EOH was the best candidate but CB involvement and costs an issue. There doesn't seem to have been any negotiation which is ridiculous. Keane seems to have a huge influence. I have many conversations over the last few days and no one can point out the improvement over the last 2 years that the people involved talk about. It certainly wasn't evident where it matters on the field.

On the future-
I only hear only good things about McEntee so I am optimistic. However there are unknowns some people are in denial about - he has no Intercounty management experience, ZERO and he never won Connacht in his time with Mayo. Being a club manager is different and so is being a coach or selector. His character and football knowledge comes across as very strong and to a point what we need but there are no guarantees as I hope he has a good read on players. Is this going to be a mediocre setup? I don't think so but I am still concerned about how bad we were last 2 years under the current backroom team. It just doesn't make sense given the CV's or opinions of the backroom team.

For me, if Sligo have another bad year I would cut short the 3-year plan. I am not looking for unrealistic targets, we have to be in the mix for promotion but it's not a be-all to get promoted, we have to improve the pace in the team, we have to stop conceding goal chances, we have to be consistent in our performances. Depending on the Connacht draw we have to show something more than a complete hammering in the championship. If you lose to Waterford at home and beat Wexford away, that drives me nuts because that is effort and mindset. McEntee's job in his 1st year is to give the People of Sligo some hope, some pride and belief that has been sadly lacking the last few years. Like every Sligo supporter, I wish him well.

Thanks, MonaghanGlory for your kind words and well wishes. Best of luck to yourselves.

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