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Green Isle Foods strike

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As im sure most of you's know that John Guinan has commenced a hunger strike on Wednesday gone as a last measure to resolve the long running strike with Green Isle Foods.The company has refused to engaged with the unions in an meaningful way and refuse the labour courts recomendations.I would ask all of you's to show John and his colleauge Jim Wyse,who has been on hunger strike since Wednesday 17th of Feb all the support you can and try highlight their just cause,detailed information on the dispute can be found on the teeu website.Green Isle foods are Donegal catch,Goodfellows pizza,San marco and many more.Thank you.

punch (Louth) - Posts: 8 - 28/02/2010 21:45:04    575556


Why not have a sit down protest in front of Green Isle similar to the sit down protest in Croke Park in 1998. That protest had a successful outcome.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2831 - 03/03/2010 11:17:01    577761


Thanks for your reply Jack L,Great idea,the more publisity for these poor men the better,How you would organise a march or sit down i don't know.Maybe through Offaly supporters club or something like that.At the end of the day these men are being wrong so much that they feel they have to go on hunger strike,Its a sad reflection on greedy employers and the goverment.All they want is the labour courts recommendations to be implemented.John Guinan gave great service to his county and many happy memories,i just think he should be given support in his moment of need cause judging by his actions and leadership at the moment he would do the same.

punch (Louth) - Posts: 8 - 03/03/2010 18:00:11    578277


May be an extra page in all games programmes to remind people whats going on, or a suitable poster outside the enterance to the grounds on match days, or be selective about what we buy in the shops.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2232 - 09/03/2010 21:21:30    583734


I am a member of SIPTU and received an email from their website giving a hstory of what has happened. I must say if it is true what his alledged to have happened by employees has happened and I have only heard one side of the argument granted, it is unforgivable and highlights how unscrupulous and morally corrupt large business can be in this country.

gianfranco (Offaly) - Posts: 100 - 10/03/2010 10:45:36    583893


I remember a big Green Isle Foods factory outside Banagher years ago... just shut down, putting 100's of locals out of work. Still standing derelict to this day. They have a history!

Milic1888 (Galway) - Posts: 132 - 12/03/2010 10:00:57    586079