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time of year where we start the views of the fans and wat they tink

slyeye (Offaly) - Posts: 5 - 24/02/2010 15:24:16    571967


Kilcormac for hurling
Rhode for football

happyred (Offaly) - Posts: 71 - 25/02/2010 10:28:07    572688


cant see anyody beating tullamore in hurling
in football i wreckon edenderry will go strong i hope they do clara will be strong as will rhode
u 21 st patricks

updreds (Offaly) - Posts: 12 - 26/02/2010 16:14:22    574220


happyred justify your statement since both of your selections were beaten in the final last year

also upreds edenderry cuman like lets be reasonable no offence to them but cant see them putting much of a stir in things sorry

faithful4ever (Offaly) - Posts: 209 - 02/03/2010 19:50:04    577472


Kilcormac is a guess, young team, maybe learned from last year.
Rhode have Niall Darby back, they also finally have a good goalie(edenderry man might i had) and will have Padraig Sullivan from the start of the year

happyred (Offaly) - Posts: 71 - 02/03/2010 21:48:08    577620