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I was talking to a boy at the weekend and he said in 04 or 05 Ollie Buckley and Kevin Lynam went over to London to play with a club.
I wasn't aware either of the boys had transferred. Apparantly it was to do with an Offaly man in London who looked after them. Under 21 final from what I hear!
I'll post the London Club name when I am given it, but I was wondering why they didn't play with Erin Rovers that year? I was sure my club came up again them both years and the two lads were togged? Is Buckley still playing ball here?

offalygaaman (Offaly) - Posts: 10 - 16/02/2010 21:05:39    563649


lynam is.played in semi last year. i thought oliver had given up?

Rhodejim (Offaly) - Posts: 2888 - 17/02/2010 14:08:52    564262


The club was Round Towers and it was an underage final in 2004 from what I hear. A lad who was involved in the management of the team who is from Offaly got them over by all accounts. Did they actually leave Erin Rovers that year? Buckley was a good player.

offalygaaman (Offaly) - Posts: 10 - 17/02/2010 15:29:28    564408


if you feel so concerned bout it go talk to buckley or lynam, there 2 nice lads see what they have to say bout it

slyeye (Offaly) - Posts: 5 - 24/02/2010 14:35:31    571893


I was just given the video of the game! Kevin Lynam kicks 2 points in the second half! |Buckley plays wing back in the game. It was a Clara man who brought them over, Kevin Kelly. I hear he has approached a player or two about moving over to different clubs in other parts of London more recently.

offalygaaman (Offaly) - Posts: 10 - 11/03/2010 12:01:53    585106