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Best of luck to Malachy and the back room team for 2015. Would Monaghan supporters like to see the team start working on a more attacking brand of football next year?

hutto (Monaghan) - Posts: 171 - 14/10/2014 18:43:47    1663683


Yes good to see Senior and Under 21 management in place for the 2015 season.Specially Senior as its been a good match since 2013.

Would love to see us get 6 scoring forwards on the field at the one time,no more playing half backs in the half forward line.

Hopefully Malachy will watch the Ulster Final again and rue not been more ruthless in his team selection,and bring it into next years set up.

13.Daniel McKenna 14.Conor McManus 15.Christopher McGunniness

10.Darren Hughes 11.Kieran Hughes 12.Dermot Malone

plenty of scores from that six!!

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 14/10/2014 19:24:20    1663705


Has Kieran Hughes gone off the boil? he hasn't exactly been setting the Senior Championship alight!

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 737 - 15/10/2014 15:02:26    1663964


Id love more scoring forwards, but don't think it will happen. I hope malachy experiments with Darren Hughes and Conor McManus inside. Was mightily impressed with Darren's display inside in the county final. If we played 6 forwards against Cavan we will be eaten alive by the defence system.

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1840 - 15/10/2014 20:17:45    1664111


You cant take Darren Hughes out of the monaghan midfield as we simply dont have any other choiches in that area.

MonMan97 (Monaghan) - Posts: 33 - 16/10/2014 19:18:34    1664423


If we got someone to fill in midfield though it should be no problem, but who
I'm sure someone will come along

MonaghanGlory (Monaghan) - Posts: 694 - 16/10/2014 19:41:05    1664436


Could ya could switch Darren and Kieran. Darren has a lot more goals for Monaghan than Kieran.

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1840 - 16/10/2014 19:52:29    1664446


15/10/2014 20:17:45
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Id love more scoring forwards, but don't think it will happen. I hope malachy experiments with Darren Hughes and Conor McManus inside. Was mightily impressed with Darren's display inside in the county final. If we played 6 forwards against Cavan we will be eaten alive by the defence system.

Infairness what defence system has Cavan got???? Roscommon hit them for 16 points while they could only manage 5 in 70 minutes of football.

Plus Liam McHale is coming in to change their style!!Whats he going to do?

We have great backs,all able to win their own battles,its up front were we get stuck.We depend on Conor to much,its time to get scoring forwards into our game.

Jack McCarron would of stepped up only for injury.....but the likes of Conor McCarthy,Daniel McKenna should really be pushing and i expect to see the best out of Chris McGuinness next year.

And i would even try Corduff's Keith McEnaney during the McKenna Cup and League......brilliant ball winner and is very strong, also he can take a score or two.Hes in the same mould as Darren Hughes.

And to put the cherry on the cake, i believe Eoin Lennon would be worth a phone call to see has he still the hunger for one more year seen last year was cruely cut short due to injury.

Hes been a brilliant servant for us since 2002 against Fermanagh,would be nice to see him back in the jersey for one more year,specially after the draw we have been handed,serious chance of getting back to the Ulster Final,and winning this one.

What you think Shaggy

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 16/10/2014 20:16:07    1664495


I do agree with Most of yours points Hardcore. Monaghan need to develop an a more attacking approach or a less fearful approach. Two years ago we played great attacking football and put up impressive scores during the league. In the championship we go back into ourselves a wee bit.
Monaghan's problem is not lack of footballers just the size of the forwards we seem to develop small skillful players. Keith is a more physical player and could be another option. Jack well i will hold judgement slightly on what he could produce in the future I still annoyed with his selfishness against the Dubs.
I hope McCarthy, McAnespie and Loughran can step up they where the 3 players that really stood out in 2013 minor team.

The path to the final in 2015 should surely be enough to wet the appetite of Eoin his has been a brilliant servant and hope he can give it another rattle. Malachy should be hounding him every night of the week to get him back because he is that important. I was wondering should Monaghan try Fintan Kelly midfield next year has the size and mobility and i believe if McAdam comes back from Australia he could fill that slot in defense.

If Cavan go with a more attacking approach Monaghan will beat them easily because we have better players. I think they will be found out in the league with their attacking option and revert back to mass defense come 24th of May.

If we can get a fix in Midfield that doesn't tie up either Darren or Kieran of doesn't need Dick to play a full 70 then we could be in business.

This is the strongest panel Monaghan ever had. I just hope no Donaghmoyne players get need the team next year.

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1840 - 16/10/2014 21:42:59    1664541


Yeh personally I would like to see Daniel mc Kenna get a good chance next year he gave drew whylie a horrid time twice in championship this year also would like to young mc guigan from cremartin get a good chance next year also .

mickduffy2009 (Monaghan) - Posts: 181 - 16/10/2014 22:01:22    1664552


Drumhowans John Paul O Neill deserves a call up, best midfielder in Junior by a mile. He's strong, physical and serious ability to catch high ball, best long term replacement in the county for Eoin Lennon.

David Millar also requires a mention, unreal talent, very good ball winner, extremely tough tackler, could do the role of Dermot Malone in his sleep, freeing Malone up for more scores and allowing him help Mc Manus out that bit more.

bigman1 (Monaghan) - Posts: 24 - 20/10/2014 08:46:58    1665325


In Malachys interview after the Dublin game, he said Eoin was just going, or had just gone, for an operation, and that hopefully we could get 'another couple of years' from him. So clearly Malachy believes that he will still be part of the setup next year at least?

Someone said about McAdam..good point...I think we missed him more last year than we realised. Look back at the Ulster final in 2013, and watch how much ball went through him. Maybe not the most skillful player we have, but he definitely did a job for us that day. Anyone know if he intends coming back?

Its spilt milk now, but I think we really missed a chance in 2013..we had all the confidence from the Ulster win, a fully fit squad, played badly against Tyrone but we still in it with 10 minutes to go. Should have won that game.

moodoo (Monaghan) - Posts: 367 - 20/10/2014 10:17:10    1665352