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Dún Na Gall v Muineachán NFL Div 2 Final

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What does everyone reckon about this one. I personally think it is great that the lads are getting more experience in Croker.

The only area we will be under pressure is midfield especially as we all know Croker makes the midfielders work.

MuineachanAbu (Monaghan) - Posts: 624 - 07/04/2014 15:58:34    1571801


Funny thing is that the whole wide open spaces of Croke park is a bit if a myth. There are county grounds all around the country that are as big if not bigger than Croke park.

Check out this debate on the topic. Not saying that it isn't wide and open in Croke park but I feel it isn't going to be a big factor. A tighter pitch wouldn't sort out our midfield issues.

That said, I think it will be a cracker if a game, not the same sort of cracker as last year against Meath, but a hard fought battle. Neither team will want to lose this one.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 07/04/2014 20:01:42    1571996


Just to let everyone know, the GAA has released Croker tickets for the final. Just got mine there. Cusack here I come!! #muineach√°nabu

MuineachanAbu (Monaghan) - Posts: 624 - 09/04/2014 16:43:52    1573033


One things for sure there will be a lot more people at this double header than the one you were in last year! 35-40k expected so enjoy the day out and I hope you win. Monaghan on the up and Ulster looking like the number one province again.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 22/04/2014 16:31:52    1578601