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It would be interesting to get your opinions on the top players in their positions that played for Limerick this year at minor,u/21,intermediate and senior and create our own all star team of the year.The u/21 would surely dominate following their superb season,with David Mccarthy a certaintity for goalkeeper.It would be a battle of the Ritchies for the full back spot with English my choice.Diarmuid Byrnes is another definite and I would have him at centre back.Andrew Brennan was outstanding at midfield in all games for the intermediates and would partner Pat Ryan.Graham Mulcahy,Peter Casey and Tom Morissey will feature as starters in the forward line.How many of the senior team will make first 15 ?

flyinghigh (Kerry) - Posts: 213 - 12/09/2015 11:16:05    1786320


Have you not a better forward than Mulcahy?

Slade (Limerick) - Posts: 355 - 12/09/2015 12:49:08    1786340


s o brien english Casey
Hegarty O mahoney Byrnes
C Lynch Brennan
W Griffen Morrisey Dempsey
C Ryan R Lynch P Casey

Sad that I could only find space for 2 seniors really.

blackspot91 (Limerick) - Posts: 1028 - 12/09/2015 13:35:09    1786353


My Team
2.sean O Brien
7.O Mahony
8.Pat Ryan
10.David Dempsey
12.Graham Mulcahy
13.Willie Griffin
14.Tom Morissey
15.Peter Casey

flyinghigh (Kerry) - Posts: 213 - 12/09/2015 15:08:24    1786377


sorry.cian lynch should be in at centre forward.|||

flyinghigh (Kerry) - Posts: 213 - 12/09/2015 15:48:59    1786386


actuallyyeah, good call on switching byrnes and o mahoney

blackspot91 (Limerick) - Posts: 1028 - 12/09/2015 15:49:42    1786387


Its very easy to be critical of someone elses team so I will only expose what I feel will to be constructive. First of all basics are basics and must be adhered to. For this reason S O Brien simply cannot be included. Jason Forde totally out muscled him and got more in 40 mins on O Brien than he did for the rest of the year. Why oh why do we think that we can get away with short slight corner/wing back when no one else even attempts to get away with it? Sean Finn was absolutely brilliant last night (including one super catch) and I have long been a fan but he was caught out marking a taller guy in the Munster intermediate final and also in the U 21 semi. He needs to improve his aerial ability if he is going to make it at senior. On the plus side he has almost everything else to make it but is not the finished article just yet. I would pick Casey before him at 4 based on this year.

David Dempsey is probably the most accurate forward in Limerick at the minute but he is not good enough in the air to play wing forward at senior. Apart from last night our half forward line has struggled for periods of every game this year and it took moving in new players to rectify this with Dempsey at no stage showing up to win a puck out or two that would have turned the tide. Unless he can improve his aerial ability he cannot play at 12. he is however so accurate that he could make a senior 15. Same goes for Mulcahy he cannot compete in the air so therefore he cannot play at wing forward.

Im sorry flying high if this sounds condescending but I have been to all limerick games this year from minor U 21 Intermediate and Senior bar 1 in minor (which I saw on telly one at U 21 which I saw on telly and the intermediate final and I am sick and tired of us losing games because we dont even have the cop on to adhere to something that everyone else sees as a basic. If players cannot complete in the air they cannot play in any back position or half forward END OF STORY. If we are to compete step one is to get the basics right.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 13/09/2015 11:07:34    1786548


Couldnt agree more DF and here is a quote from Kiely to confirm it ""You need to be very resolute and good in the air and let's face it, Limerick teams wouldn't be known for their prowess in the air in recent years and we have focused on that for the last couple of weeks that we were going to stand up and catch ball and if it didn't stick we were going to get it on the ground"

Might be a bit off topic and there is far too much water to flow under the bridge for this to have any relevance but how about this for first attempt at 2016 senior team?

English Mac Hickey
Condon Byrnes Gavin
Browen Jimbob
C Lynch Hegarty Hannon
R Lynch Morrissey Dempsey

Hickey and Hannon there on past form.

welpastit (Limerick) - Posts: 723 - 13/09/2015 16:59:20    1786659


Ronan Lynch will end up as a defender. He should be centre back for next two years at 21 level.He doesn't have the pace to be a forward at inter county senior. Eoghan Mac minor keeper had a super year too

rorymac3 (Limerick) - Posts: 50 - 14/09/2015 14:12:25    1787126


my picks are
English ritchie

anotheryear (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 14/09/2015 14:24:22    1787135


my picks are

English Ritchie Casey
R Lynch Byrnes Hegarthy
Jim Bob Browne
c Lynch Gav D Dempsey
Mul Dowling Tobin

anotheryear (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 14/09/2015 14:26:32    1787138


Another year what has R Lynch done to rank above Condon O Brien,O Connell or even McNamara who granted had a poor year this year. I have said it for few years on here Im not sure R Lynch will make it at senior level and I really dont get how everyone thinks its a foregone conclusion. He would be a shoe in for free taking if we didnt have Dowling. Unless Dempsey improves significantly in the air he simply cannot play at half forward. As well as that how do you think Tobin will mae the tema with the influx of 21s when he couldnt make it beforehand

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 14/09/2015 17:26:37    1787272


From what I saw myself this year, I saw all four teams at least once.

1 David McCarthy
2 Denis Moloney
3 Richie English
4 Michael Casey
5 Diarmuid Byrnes
6 Barry O'Connell
7 Gavin O'Mahony
8 Darragh O'Donavan
9 Pat Ryan
10 Kyle Hayes
11 Cian Lynch
12 David Dempsey
13 Peter Casey
14 Tom Morrissey
15 Willie Griffin

Notable mention's
minors: Eoghan Mcnamara, Tom Hayes, Conor Byrnes and Seamus Flanagan.

U21: Sean Finn, Gearoid Hegarty, Ronan Lynch, Barry Nash(misses out because he came on the panel late) and Colin Ryan

Intermediate: Brian Murray, Andrew Brennan

Senior: James Ryan and Greame Mulcahy.

DUALSUPPORT (Limerick) - Posts: 915 - 14/09/2015 18:16:26    1787305


Casey - my player of the year
P Ryan
C Lynch
D Dempsey

mike03 (Limerick) - Posts: 2000 - 14/09/2015 18:48:05    1787321


DF these are my picks and they may not carry any weight but they are my picks. I think lynch has shown over the years that he is an outstanding talent and give him time I reckon he will prosper into an established senior hurler. o Brien might be the closest to him. Dempsey for me is an absolute workhorse that gets thru so much dirty work in every game very efficiently and having seen tobin playing in a few games this year I think he has a lot to offer to the team. He was unlucky to be injured at the start of last year and then a ridiculous red card when he was getting back fit deprived us of really seeing his talent

anotheryear (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 16/09/2015 10:02:32    1788022


Another year I didnt want to sound dismissive but I am scared stiff the debacle that happened this year will continue. It flies in the face of the basics of the game to play O Brien at 5 and Dempsey at 12 as neither are good enough in the air based on this years performances. If Dempsey is part of a half forward line that at times struggled in all games bar last Saturday then surely he cannot be promoted unless he improves. He is a lethal finisher and a case could be made for him at 15 but we cannot continue to select wing forwards who are not good in the air and then be surprised when we lose. As for Lynch I think it is probable that given time he will turn into an inter county hurler (thought I doubt he will be a 6). He is not however an inter county wing back right now and we cannot sacrifice games trying to make him into one especially when we have Condon Gavin Paudi O Connell Byrnes and Hegarty there already. As I say I hope I dont sound too critical but Jesus if our own selectors are not held to account for behaving worse than junior B selectors this year we could end up with the same farce in 2016

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 16/09/2015 11:05:09    1788067


theres lots of possibilities and switches that could be made to any team picked here and that is why a squad is available. The squad going forward in the next few years should be the strongest squad to represent limerick in the recent past and with a small bit of luck and good fortune hopefully we will succeed in our aim and lift the Liam McCarthy Cup.

anotheryear (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 16/09/2015 18:36:25    1788330