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Just wondering what is the opinion among Leitrim supporters on the proposals going before congress in relation to a "b" championship??

3rdmidfielder (Australia) - Posts: 94 - 20/01/2016 17:52:56    1818053


On the premise that the eventual winners of this 2nd tier competition get into a quarter final of the all Ireland series I'm certainly not against it. But it's merely a short term solution until the championship is inevitably completely revamped and fixed to have more games and a shorter season.

premiumrashers (Leitrim) - Posts: 49 - 20/01/2016 18:46:55    1818076


Going backwards. Same thing as the Tommie Murphy cup. Not a solution at all. Agree a total revamp is needed with regards maybe a champions league type thing. With seeded teams based on league performance

Ouryear (Leitrim) - Posts: 269 - 20/01/2016 19:34:36    1818095


To be honest I'd love for Leitrim to be in a competition where they can be competitive get a run of games get some momentum and seriously challenge.
I know the current players and management are dead against this current proposal and I agree it has its flaws but so does the current system, it's doesn't make sense for the effort and commitment that is being put in to face the likes of a Tyrone or an Armagh in a first round qualifier and get hammered.

I think the players deserve better and so do the supporters. I believe the current proposal with a few sweetners could be workable but as it stands I can see it coming in.

3rdmidfielder (Australia) - Posts: 94 - 21/01/2016 09:41:58    1818163


would be very much against it , but do think things need to change, I would get rid of the FBD competitions and look to create a champions league/ Europa league system where teams can go up and down based on performance, make every game worth something, also if new York don't start becoming competitive then time to say adios and invest the €100,000 euros a year into grass roots, plus its also a junket for Connacht council every year

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 21/01/2016 10:12:27    1818175


frankly i think it is insulting to the players from the non elite counties to be proposing this rubbish. it just illustrates how detached the higher echelons of the GAA have become further detached from what the ordinary grass roots GAA supporter/volunteer wants. hardly surprising consider they wouldn't let the sky deal go before congress but then these decisions are being made by paid full time officials, not volunteers

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 522 - 21/01/2016 13:58:17    1818289


The solution is to offer the winners of the B Championship a way back into the championship proper at 1/4 final stage...

Square_B (Leitrim) - Posts: 141 - 22/01/2016 09:28:50    1818413


3rdmidfielder (Australia) oh the cynicism of it all.......New York??? an annual junket for the humble connacht council officials????....surely not!

totalrecall (Leitrim) - Posts: 522 - 22/01/2016 12:12:52    1818456


Ya that should be Leitrim not Australia

3rdmidfielder (Australia) - Posts: 94 - 23/01/2016 19:41:21    1818670