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Trip to New York

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@makemyday has the €27000 deficit from the May trip been recouped as yet? I would have travelled to the away final but knew around the time of the London game that the game was in doubt although no one in the board would confirm either way. Other valid points raised by mickeyquinn and nelson, on the match itself would NY be allowed to use their sanctions to make a decent game of it? putting it bluntly the game in may was no more than a training match, what will mayo do to the likes of NY next year? Its time for a rethink with this game and stop wasting money during a recession that could be better spent at grass roots, maybe re consider if NY decide to get their act together and become competitive as all it is right now is a training match and a jolly

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 26/09/2013 11:19:55    1489732


There was a story about a boy who cried wolf

I recall it well and now when the muck hit the wind 2 boys are crying wolf

Sean Hagan knows his football alot better than any player that was on this years panel

He has been involved in the game for 45 years and has a massive ,C V to prove it

Alot more of a C V than any of this Years panel will probably ever have

He will unite his new panel in his own way and I doubt any player within or outside the county will call the shots for Sean Hagan he is more than capable of doing that himself

I still say send the senior county champions outto represent the county after all the team that wins Sunday will have earned their holiday

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 26/09/2013 13:29:59    1489831


16000 would be to cover the rather large entourage the county board seems to include on these jaunts, the entire committee would be the biggest cost so cut them, surely Chairman and Secretary would be enough not PRO, Asst Sec, Treasurer, Asst Treasurer, Coaching officer, Pairc Sean Gateman, CHief Program seller, man that lines the pitch, the fr dougal of the co board (man who minds the flags and puts them down along the sideline) a few lads that tow the line when it comes to voting at meetings and there are more but there would be your 16000 saved. Captain has a right to speak out, this is a free world and surely the hush hush nature of closed mouth closed mind is long gone. I often wonder the age profile of some of the posters here. Seem old fashioned and and out of touch for the most part. Mulligan is one of the best players our county has and petty point scoring over some of his carry on must blind lads to this fact. We have a poor base to pick from so constant attacking of the one player that might be poached by other counties might turn up trumps for a county that would appreciate his undoubted talent.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 869 - 26/09/2013 14:12:51    1489881


You should know my view on politicians by now

And I agree with bananapublican on the "holiday for the boys/"

The players won the fbd league not some lad that stands in the tunnels in ballinamore or Carrick and refuses to let the players out on the field 2 mins before a championship game just to show he has "pull" or some kind of self awarded false authority

Why not just the players manager and selector go then im sure it could be done for 10grand if that was the case

And if these middle aged or semi retired politicians feel they should be there let them visit the travel agents themselves AMD book the trip on their own cash and time instead of begging the rest of us to fundraise for them and their lavish unnecessary lifestyles

I'd welcome a fully itemized audited expenses list with details of every cent spent and what it was on from 5 course meals to hotels diesel petrol holidays etc etc from our political friends in pairc Sean

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 26/09/2013 14:40:04    1489920


I was just going through my emails from the secretary of our club. And an email dated in early September from whatever county board meeting was on states that Leitrim would not be going to New York for the FBD trip. It cost €80K to go in May and would cost €60K this time around. That the funds are not there. Players should have known before the it appearing on the hoganstand if I knew back in early September. Is there a players rep on the executive? My final point on this, I think the idea of a trip to NY from Connacht Council for winning the FBD is a lovely idea but in reality wouldn't you prefer to take the money on offer and invest it for the upcoming season especially when finances are scarce. Sean Hagan would love to get his hands on the few pound so as to use it on his new panel whatever they want and not have a trip imposed on them.

Nelson (Leitrim) - Posts: 142 - 26/09/2013 14:44:38    1489927


I just checked online and to fly to JFK the Friday and return Tuesday night 4 nights accommodation €847

Spending money I'd bring about €1500 around $2000

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 26/09/2013 14:52:20    1489939


Fair play to Mulligan for speaking out for his fellow players, he was a very good captain and was respected by the players, it was not the players that slip the camp, it was the poor management that could not deal with issues in house. the players that won the fbd league were the players that were entitled to go to New York, if the county champions get a holiday this year, every other year they were entitled to a holiday, will you get a grip of your self 94 allstar, ye have not won the co final yet. I think the players should really have a hard think before the commit to another year of co football with the treatment they get from co board, it is a disgrace.

Smokie (Leitrim) - Posts: 146 - 26/09/2013 20:42:16    1490246


The County Board must have read my comments!
Why did Mulligan complain about players not having a say 'again'?
He seemed to be in favour of the two lads managing the team so surely he was getting enough of a say.
And anyway, as captain surely he was getting more of a say than nearly everyone else!

leitrimlad94 (Leitrim) - Posts: 156 - 26/09/2013 21:24:51    1490285


Mulligan had no right to speak out all year and make a joke of his county,seeing that all the team signed a paper that nothing nor no none would do so.so why did mulligan not tell the truth about all his mates that were out on the town ,and some of them that he left home so i am afraid he was far from been a good captain.So what about it if he leaves ,darcy left and we managed without him if he can not be truthful then let him go.

saintly (Leitrim) - Posts: 536 - 26/09/2013 21:26:08    1490287


Saintly we managed without Darcy correct, but scraped by if truth be told, he had quality that was never replaced so you are playing down the significance of his departure. You are bitter about Mulligan which is hypocritical, if you are so forgiving of the wrongdoings of the 4 lads who were caught surely the forgiveness should extend to the ones who weren't regardless of what they said otherwise it is a civil war in a county that really doesn't need to be divided anymore. We have to remember we at national level are as insignificant as it gets but when there is in-house fighting like this year we further add to the comic value we bring to the table at National level.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 869 - 26/09/2013 21:49:43    1490311


lads one thing here no one person is bigger than the jersey but in this case some people think they are, this has to stop if we are to move forward, good players come and go and are always replaced in time, we dont need discord in the camp for the next 12 months we need unity and our captain in the media does not create this, as Sean Hagan states its a clean slate and open to all whats done is done and leave it there, i think the first rule of the new regime is leave the press speak to the PRO only

I also see the slating of Connor Beirne as unfair, when has he had a decent run in the side? If he comes back lets use the fbd and league to see what he is all about and if he is in form he stays in for the championship

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 27/09/2013 11:52:05    1490428


I agree with saintly and unigaa

Conor Beirne is the best forward leitrim has ever had and thats the opinion of the people of.leitrim that have watched him play for leitrim eslin and manachans

And anyone who has marked mulligan and tried to mark conor Beirne will tell you the same

The difference is that conor Beirne can score 2-6 in a county final in the most competitive championship in the county with 4 or even 6 fully grown men hanging from him

And not a word to the independent star sun Twitter Longford leader Donegal daily new York times

Conor Beirne is a better footballer than Ken Darcy Declan Darcy and mulligan combined

And don't ever forget that Darcy cost us the 95 connacht final and an allireland against an average Dublin team that he later joined up with

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 28/09/2013 10:42:28    1490848