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2013 NFL Div 4

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There's a Hoganstand article from today called Breen concedes that Leitrim have no hope of promotion. Take a look: link

What do we think of this? Personally I feel he's being a bit defeatist. Although 2 points after 4 games is usually the end of your promotion hopes and Limerick are running away with the division, everyone has been taking points off everyone else, and we're two points off the running for the second promotion place, so if we win our remaining three games, we might get lucky. Or is he talking like that to get the players to raise their game?

Tacaí Liatroma (Leitrim) - Posts: 565 - 14/03/2013 17:21:22    1349588


I'm friends with a Clare player and he told me that they could have beaten Waterford if they bothered to come out of the dressing room after half time he also said we had a good enough team to finish our last 3 games on a win

Breen could be playing us down for the simple reason that we are expected to win all our games and it would look better going into our last 3 games not being expected to win

Watching Kerry and mayo struggle in div 1 and the likes of down stay safe
Move to div 2 Westmeath are sure of promotion
Div 3 Meath and Roscommon look like joining us in div 4

This pattern seems to signal change in football with county teams that would normally be classed as the weaker in the class silently moving up the ladder

Whilst big names with expectations of allirelands every couple of years slip down

Div4 is by far the toughest division in the NFL

I say this not in my normal humorous ways but in a way that it has the weaker county teams and is simply a dogfight to the bottom or top and is the toughest division for smaller county teams (like us) to get out of

Had Roscommon been in div 4 this year they would be on zero points at this stage if they had to play our games

Meath probably would only have 2 on board and would have been lucky to even pass Carlow

It's better to be the underdog and be under no pressure mentally and have a low expectations and finish higher than expected ,than to come in to a league or championship on the back of a win and be expected to win

I hate to be a nay sayer but if we don't move up this year with this team I can't see us finishing in the top 2 next year

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