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Senior and Intermediate Finals 2017.

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Replying To Dodgy_Pass:  "Aughnasheelin vs Sligo winners in Sligo I think

Mohill vs Mayo winners in Castlebar"
Neds may spring a surprise in Connacht, damage limitation for Mohill I'm afraid.

Buzzcagney62 (Leitrim) - Posts: 189 - 10/10/2017 10:45:24    2054327


Replying To Buzzcagney62:  "Neds may spring a surprise in Connacht, damage limitation for Mohill I'm afraid."
The neds haven't a prayer. they will do well to get within in 10 points of sligo champions and i'm not being disrespectful to them. Pity Mohill are to play Mayo champions because i think they could have taken the sligo champs. Prob will be damage limitation but should not be the cricket score the willies were beat against corofin.

leitrimrealist (Leitrim) - Posts: 22 - 10/10/2017 14:15:28    2054408


Well done to Mohill and Aughnasheelin and hard luck to Manor and Leitrim Gaels who more than played their part in two very competitive games. Hope both teams can represent us well in their connacht campaigns.

green.and.gold (Leitrim) - Posts: 400 - 11/10/2017 22:54:07    2054793


Well done Mohill today on a great performance which helps restore pride in Leitrim football.

joeman123 (Leitrim) - Posts: 230 - 04/11/2017 18:11:42    2060463


Absolutely right, characterized by great guts n tackling by Mohill, felt kickouts when going long proved problematic, but aside from that Tighe was excellent with 3 great saves. Keegan's chance in the first half could have reaped more than a point. Don't underestimate the absence of Armstrong and Flynn, their strength could have added something to the cause. Well done Mohill, finally a senior team standing up to one of the big guns. Just shows the county has good players if the set up is right. Padraic Davis is a loss to Leitrim football, that coming from a rival club of Mohill. But he has added much needed steel to a team of excellent footballers who were reknowned for choking. For Mohill's and the county's sake I hope they get as good a manager next time. Might not be good for the rest of us though as we try and hang on to their coat tails.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 869 - 04/11/2017 19:20:37    2060468