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The Geaneys could be next off the Kerry conveyor belt

It's difficult to judge in the shortened days of February, especially when stars like the Gooch and Declan O'Sullivan and Paul Galvin and Bryan Sheehan are still to come back into the fold and squeeze up the number of forward slots available, but the Geaney cousins of Dingle look well equipped to make a mark for the Kingdom.

It's a great unquantifiable, that special something that makes Kerry produce such quality forwards, year after year after year. The retirements of Diarmuid Murphy and Darragh O Sé have left voids in goal and midfield that may take a while to be satisfactorily filled, and take Marc and Tomás out of the back six that started against Cork on Sunday and Kerry look a bit short in that part of the field too.

But up front they just keep churning out the stars, and the Geaneys may well be the latest off the conveyor belt. David worked brilliantly off Kieran Donaghy against Cork, and demonstrated the balance and poise off both feet that fits the typical Kerry mould, and Paul clearly has an eye for the all-important score - he was amongst the goals in the McGrath Cup last month and came off the bench to fire another at a vital stage against Cork.

Kevin McStay on RTE's League Sunday show suggested Cork will be the happier side, and maybe they will. After all, they won the game. But Kerry have plenty to look forward to this year, especially if they can ensure a plentiful supply of possession to some of the most gifted forwards in the country.

Administrator (None) - Posts: 2227 - 07/02/2011 16:40:37    862416


Adminstrator you are dead on. Kerry continually produce a splendid number of forwards. The vision that Geany showed in corner forward yesterday was marvellous, he kicked great points and examined the field around him every time he received possession. The second Geaney was in the right place at the right time and slotted home a poachers goal. That is not taught, that is breed into you, simple.

lostintime (USA) - Posts: 533 - 07/02/2011 19:33:53    862625


I am surprised that the Geanys had not arrived at senior intercounty level before now and there are still other good forwards training on the panel, Stam O Donoghue from Spa (he was junior captain last year); another clever and skillful forward. Daithi O Casey has work very well with Colm Cooper in their club Dr Crokes, they seem to have a flowing relationship and are able to read each other well. Even without Colm, Daithi has impressed and has been an excellent forward in Kerry U21.

Our backs have potential for this year, especially as we still have the O Se brothers; the midfield is more worrying. There are a few holes here and of course, they have hard boots to fill.

kerrykerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1779 - 07/02/2011 21:05:35    862776