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Football Qualifiers 2015

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Well, here we are again, back in the football qualifiers for another slog. How far can Down go this season? Is a quarter-final appearance beyond our potential?

First up we are away to either Westmeath or Wexford.

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 08/06/2015 11:30:34    1733963


Disappointing to be in the Qualifiers so soon as Derry were beatable yesterday and seemed to
have totally gone in the final 20 minutes.

Down are certainly capable of a run in the Qualifiers,to make the quarter finals is a big ask but
possible as the qualifiers seem to suit this Down team better.There is more scope for changing
a few players game to game and tweaking systems.

The midfield is the area thats needs sorted.They won very little in the first half and it was only when
the half forwards started picking up breaks in the second half that we got decent possession.

Darren O'Hagan had a good game yesterday,the defence created many turn overs which should
have been the platform for victory.

If we could win a couple of matches it will build momentum.

REDANDBLACK30 (Down) - Posts: 1505 - 08/06/2015 14:59:00    1734133


Away to Wexford. That will be a trek only the diehards will make. Looking forward to it.

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 14/06/2015 19:26:45    1736822