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Down v Derry Championship

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I thought it was Devlin that put that 1st half chance about 10 meters wide, not Fitzpatrick. Or maybe they hit one each...

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1409 - 09/06/2015 13:57:10    1734642


Eventhough the midfield got cleaned out including Fitzpatrick, I wouldn't blame him.. He had not no help what so ever in that area

dingle82 (Down) - Posts: 183 - 09/06/2015 14:47:57    1734679


Spirit, rather than have a one-man midfield on Sunday, we overcrowded the area with McKernan, Mooney, Devlin, Maginn, McArdle and later Downey all joining Fitzpatrick there at different times. Fitzpatrick could not get into the game at any stage, and, when he missed his sitter just before the break, he put his head in his hands and then looked at the bench. He knew he was finished for the day, and the tackle which got him a yellow in the second half was conclusive proof of it. He has the ability to bounce back, and a run-out as a substitute in the qualifiers is the best way to restore his confidence.

MourneRising (Down) - Posts: 238 - 09/06/2015 15:27:07    1734705


MourneRising - Those guys were all around there at times but only Fitpatrick caught or contested any high ball around midfield at any stage. The very fact that we are not clear about who else was playing there speaks volumes. In the absence of King & Gordon he is just simply never going to spend any time on the bench if fit.

McKernan was playing CHF and scored two points from play and he's easily the best player in this squad.

I'd actually start the same 15 the next day but with McKernan at MF with Fitzpatrick and Mooney in the full forwards and with Poland not McKernan at CHF

Finally Laverty should have a more withdrawn role from the start, picking up loose ball from McKernan & Fitz. He played havoc there and it was he who changed the game after being forced to play a deeper role after the sending off.

spiritof1991 (Down) - Posts: 693 - 09/06/2015 16:05:07    1734737


If we don't make a number of changes, our chances of a run in the qualifiers are slim. O'Hare, Maginn and Poland will all be struggling to hold their places in the forward line, although Poland's experience and probably a return to full fitness may get him the nod. Turley and Madine would seem the most likely midfield pairing, but McCorry will have a few tight calls to make.

MourneRising (Down) - Posts: 238 - 09/06/2015 17:57:47    1734791


Pete Turley ,Madine , McConville, Downey, Carr,Garvey , all need to start next time out,

We need a bit more size about us ,as our small forwards clearly struggle against bigger teams

We will get over Westmeath or Wexford ,but tougher tests lie ahead

germac (Down) - Posts: 271 - 12/06/2015 21:25:31    1736256


Listen bottom line is the current Down team has now real leaders , like we needed someone to pull the game out of the bag and we had no one , to be honest I am wonder mc Corry thoughts , like letting big Dan and Benny slip away !! Rumour has it he was quite harsh at the start because maybe the 2 lads where not commiting to end of January for full training , but really in Dowm we really can't afford to go into the championship , without players like that !! We have no midfield at all to compete at this level , big Dan would of controlled it , and Benny in the square would of caused abit of havoc in the square , like after all he was Down best player against Tyrone The 2 Kilcoo lads that came on good enjoy players but really not at championship level !! They shot from impossible distances !! , really think mc Corry to rethink his policy on seniors players within Down , would say that all is abit harsh for some supports to read but it the reality of where we are at now !!!

topdownfan (Down) - Posts: 555 - 14/06/2015 19:44:40    1736860


Topdownfan - even if you are right, and I'm not saying you are, those players are not in the squad so you need to accept that.

McCorry is the manager and we need to support him and the team we have. It's as simple as that.

Our forwards know themselves that they need to improve their scoring return. If they can do that and our backs keep a bit of discipline, you might see us win the next game with the men we have.

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1409 - 15/06/2015 09:45:50    1737035


Siad sios , , I would say yes we will win our next match with the lads we have surely , but surely us in Down want to be raising to a higher level than we are at , and by doing so I think as does probably 99% of Down fans we need likes of Dan and Benny on board , everyone should get behind mc Corry surely but I know for a fact what he said to the lads at the start of the year about commitment etc , Also I am quite sure the Down squad wouldn't of has much of a problem the 2 lads joining towards the middle of the league then pushing for championship places , maybe McCorry needs to rethink the squad and forget about pride and chat to them !! Otherwise sadly that Down team going nowhere fast !!!

topdownfan (Down) - Posts: 555 - 15/06/2015 12:42:31    1737249


Lads, Dan and Benny will not play for Down this year.
Dan Might play next year. Benny is retired and will never play for Down again. Get over it. It happens.

A main concern for me is that Down are too set up to stifle the opposition rather than play to their strengths. In the Derry game, Down were too content to absorb Derry and hopefully win break ball. They just don't win enough primary possession. Kick outs are massively important and unfortunately we just don't make enough of these.
Gone are the days when players played instinctively. Today its paralysis by analysis. when a player is in possession 30 - 40 yards out its who they will hand pass to rather than to make a bit of space and pop the ball over the bar. I seen countless examples of this against Derry. So frustrating. some people might say its the blanket defence that makes this difficult but I can clearly see players who don't even look for the posts and will gladly hand pass sideways or backwards all day long.

lethaldrill (Down) - Posts: 18 - 15/06/2015 13:42:22    1737317


Lethaldrill - I agree that sometimes a man would look for the handpass instead of taking on the shot. The confidence wasn't there against Derry.

Would you suggest any replacements or switches in the forwards? (for the sake of discussion lets pretend that a 6 man forward line still exists).

I'd give any man who didn't start last time a half to prove himself, and go for the sticks when in range.

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1409 - 17/06/2015 11:57:19    1738470


Lethal is right. And it's not just this year:
2 years ago we beat Derry in 'the game of the championship' until Dublin Kerry semi, by taking long distance scores, and then vs a jaded Donegal team there for the taking in the semi it was basically the same, scared to shoot on the 40 and looking for lateral or backwards handpasses, 1D attempts to attack and not stretch defenses. And Donegal won easy, and got beat in the final. AND those games were with Dan McCartan as corner back! I rest my case!
Once teams get over the halfway line and see 13+ men behind the ball they try to handpass it through to get through on goal (and if they do they handpass it for a point) whereas it makes so much more sense to shoot from distance and render blanket useless.
What do teams practice in their 50 training sessions between matches!? Sprints, weights and handpassing. No one can kick a ball straight 40m!

beansycpn (Down) - Posts: 128 - 17/06/2015 12:18:39    1738490


While Beansy says that Donegal beat Down easily in 2013, the final score was 0-12 to 0-9 and we dominated possession in the second half. Beansy also has a pop at Dan McCartan that day, but he played well as part of a steady defence. Our problem was shooting, as Donegal, like most of the leading teams, offer very little space in their own half. The long ball game does not really suit Down, so, while retaining possession and looking for quick line breaks may not be very pretty, it is still probably our best option

MourneRising (Down) - Posts: 238 - 18/06/2015 12:39:29    1738969


Interesting ,how Sligo put it up too Roscommon ,got in too their faces,and ran at them,maybe Down could take note,did we show them too much respect,or possibly over cautions?

dunmaguire (Down) - Posts: 74 - 22/06/2015 12:04:37    1740791


I know this was the football thread but is anyone going to watch the Hurling against Derry on Sunday? Can't go myself but wondering what you think of our chances. Both teams put up big scores in the last round and we owe them one for the Christy ring...

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1409 - 26/06/2015 15:43:19    1743171