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People keep commenting on changing the management and while I am unhappy with Rory at times I actually think he is the best we are getting.
Martin McHugh could be an option but Id rather see how he does with Kilcar as I'm not sold on him. Its possible 20 years too late for him getting the job.
Horan isn't a bad manager. He lives in Mayo with a few kids so very unlikely he would manage Donegal.

In Relation to the younger players I think Rory realised his mistakes but it was too late in the year to do anything about it. That's why he reintroduced McLoone and brought Thompson off the bench the last day.
Declan Walsh opted out of the panel due to work commitments in Dublin. I know that from someone who works with him. I cant rightly remember but I think he got a new job or a promotion. Its a massive ask for these players to be up and down the road.

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