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Congratulations to the Ladies team this year for managing to retain their Ulster title and their division one status while going through a transitional period. The panel has been very successful over the past few years but very reliant on a handful of core players, many of whom were drawn from two stand out underage sides. Of the new brigade I thought Evelyn McGinley & Amy Boyle Carr did particularly well this year. There's a long road to travel again to be able to compete with the Dublins and Corks though.

Will Maxi return? Will any absentees return to the panel for next year? Ciara Hegarty in particular would be a great re-addition and really help mitigate the loss of Katy Herron. Keeping Niamh McLaughlin around and finding a regular role for her would be great too. It'd be brilliant to see some more of the younger panel make their way through.

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