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Promotion to Division One

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Does anyone know all the possible scenarios relating to us getting promoted or us staying in Division Two?

doirealltheway (Derry) - Posts: 142 - 01/04/2013 18:25:22    1359504


I don't. But two good games against Westmeath would be great prep for championship. Two victories would be even nicer, but they are top for a reason.

hermann (Derry) - Posts: 170 - 03/04/2013 10:59:36    1360138


If Derry win we go up (obviously). If laois win by less than 10 points or something along with Derry loosing we go up. If galway win and Derry loose Galway goes up because they beat us already. I'm nearly sure thats it

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 03/04/2013 11:44:58    1360162


Derry win or draw - Derry promoted
Derry lose, Laois win, Galway lose - Derry promoted on head to head with Laois
Derry lose, Laois lose, Galway win - Galway promoted on head to head with Derry
Derry lose, Laois and Galway win - best score difference of the three teams gains promotion (Derry currently +23, Laois +13, Galway +1)

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 03/04/2013 16:07:02    1360351