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Derry v Fermanagh Ulster Championship

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Doire are all about club , to busy fighting north / south to agree on what team/ squad selections should be , then we fight over whether games should be played in maghera or celtic park ( does not bother me where they are played ). Then we have team members fighting with each other . Club is very important yes , but could we not all get on for the sake of our small we county . for a doire club in an all ireland club final , they would travel the length of ireland to support them , but turn out very little for the county . must be very embarrasing for the team to enter the field to such poor support . I will support them no matter , along with the decent men from Doire that i meet in away league games all over ireland , but its always the same faces .

bonzo111 (Derry) - Posts: 190 - 26/05/2011 17:30:49    940967


I agree bonzo, I be at the games too, for a while I used to steward during the league and mcKenna cup and it was the same faces every week, Not many at the game on sunday but to be honest the prices are way to high like, £25 to sit and watch that game on Sunday, Some people just don't have the money, plus people may of been put of with the weather too from previous days, I do not know the reason but we do need more support! Doire Abu! Keep er lit

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 26/05/2011 19:59:10    941132


Eamonn Coleman seemed to be the only man who could get all the factions to pull together for the one cause. I don't think you could get a much fiercer rivalry than Lavey v. Dungiven in the early nineties, they knocked lumps out of each other in club games, and yet the Downeys, McGurks, McKeevers, McGilligans and all those great players
could unite as proud Derrymen in the county jersey and would run through walls for Coleman and for each other. John Brennan may not have quite the calibre of raw materials the wee man had but he does have similar drive and passion and football knowledge; there are a lot of very good footballers on the current Derry panel and if anyone can make a real team of them, he can. I, for one, think that Derry are heading in the right direction this year and are playing some very good football and I'm looking forward to a few good days out. We might not win the All-Ireland (maybe Ulster, why not? I don't believe John Brennan will be happy with anything less) but we will get a team to be proud of.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 27/05/2011 21:55:12    941991