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Game of the weekend for me looks like being egb vs barnabus out in erdington, having watched a lot of the senior games this year as a neutral I think Harrigan could prove to be the difference between the sides, been a top performer all year. Winner takes all though so should be a grand auld shtack up. Egb by 5"

TheCiarraiOne (Kerry) - Posts: 7 - 25/07/2014 18:20:55    1625947


Great win for St Brendan's yesterday, looks like they are the real deal. Great battling performance with them despite finishing with 14. They will beat Leicester next week and put it up to whoever they meet in the Quarter Finals

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 28/07/2014 08:12:09    1626943


There will be at least a 20 point difference between the Div 1 and Div 2 sides in the quarters, the difference between the two is huge. Div 1 of the senior championship is the tightest its been for years, looks like Barnabas will be going out but they have been very unlucky. Mitchels look the strongest, but there is very little between the other 3 teams.

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 28/07/2014 14:32:49    1627311


This years sfc is becoming the most exciting competition for a number of years with mitchells the slight favourites especially with the return of McKenna who is a major sfc player for them

The quarter final would be a big positive step for either st brendans or 4 masters this season and with their chance to play one of the div 1 big guns it would generate a lot of interest and should attract a big crowd especially if brendans draw out macs out of the hat!

I totally agree with the previous writer that the div 1 teams should be winning div 2 sides with a lot to spare BUT you never know in sfc and with brendans fighting spirit shown on Sunday they will be looking forward to Leicester next week with renewed confidence and will be aiming to finish with 4 wins out of 4 but it will be another hard match as n padraig can still qualify for the quarter final with a big victory

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 28/07/2014 18:45:44    1627529


Got to say 2 great performances the weekend, one from EGB to beat Barnabus which i felt was a bit suprise bearing in mind their league positions and the other great performance was from St Brendans. A win for Brendans Sunday will see them take on EGB in the QF's now and looks like it will be Macs v FM in the other. Even if Leicester win the weekend they would only be level on points with FM and then it goes to 'head to head' records and FM beat Leicester earlier in the year i believe.

As stated , both Brendans and FM would struggle against the Div 1 sides but if they do suffer a heavy defeat they have both had great seasons in the champ and deserve a lot of credit. Out the 2 games Brendans would have a better chance against EGB , they have come a long way since the league campaign which saw them relegated from Div 2 as well!

Seems clubs are liking the new format and it seems clubs are peaking at the right time as league form seems to be thrown out the window as the teams who did well in their respective divisons , Macs and Barnabus in Div 1 and Leicester and Marys in Div 2 have all had mixed results at Champ time.

Does the inter champ go straight to a final or is it semi's first? how are the standings in that?

onlymessing (UK) - Posts: 62 - 29/07/2014 08:24:14    1627738


Brendan's beat Four Masters by 6, Northampton by 2 and Mary's by 2. That would leave them with a +10 scoring difference. Four Masters beat NP by 23, Mary's by 2 and lost by 6, leaving them with a scoring difference of +19. NP lost by 23 and beat Northampton by 4 leaving them on -19. That would mean that NP would have to beat Brendans by 10 points or more to qualify for the quarters and FM are qualified as they will have a better goal difference than at least one of the teams

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 29/07/2014 10:43:17    1627794



Think you are jumping the gun a bit talking about EGB being in the Quarter Finals.

I'm sure someone will tell me if i am wrong but in the first instance if two teams are tied in goes on head to heads BUT if three teams are tied it goes to points difference. Therefore if Barnabas beat McDermotts, like the did in the league, it will leave EGB, Barnabas and McDermotts on one win each (assuming EGB don't get a result against Mitchels).

If my calculations are correct Barnabas are currently on -13, EGB are on -9 and Macs on - 1. A four point swing is not alot considering Mitchels form going into the game meaning EGB could still be relegated.

It's been a great Championship so far but there could be a few more twists before the Quarter/ Semi Finals are sorted!


Winker ;-)

winker (Down) - Posts: 46 - 29/07/2014 11:01:58    1627805


John B Keane .... me thknks in Div 2 as Marys gave a walkover to leicester the points difference all gets thrown out as not really fair on Leicester as they have effectively played a game less to accumulate a score
I think Brendans have points 6 points then, FM have 6 also and Leicester currently 4 so if Leicester do win they can catch the other 2 , no idea what happens when 3 tied on same points and cant use goal difference.... ???

Winker, quite correct, needs a Barnabus win then against Macs to throw it back open between the 3 teams , think they will?

onlymessing (UK) - Posts: 62 - 29/07/2014 12:44:26    1627855


Its a dead rubber for Mitchels tonight so they may have one eye on the semi finals, as For Macs v Barnabas theres no way Macs will lose. Losing 3 games in one championship is totally unheard of for a club of their pedigree

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 29/07/2014 12:56:30    1627863


St Marys gave NP a walkover so scoring difference can't be used.

macs4eva (UK) - Posts: 107 - 29/07/2014 12:57:58    1627865


Great format this year with all the championship groupings being pretty tight. For my club it's been a real incentive for us to get into the quarter finals to take on one of the big senior teams. Especially as it's been a long time in intermediate for us. I think we'll surprise a few people in the quarters as our young lads have no fear of anyone. Up The Brendans!

TheCiarraiOne (Kerry) - Posts: 7 - 29/07/2014 20:51:07    1628220


I think there tends to be a lot of negativity on this forum so can I be the first to congratulate mac's on not even receiving so much as a yellow card over the weekend.

macs4eva (UK) - Posts: 107 - 30/07/2014 10:16:14    1628334


Any score in the Mitchels EGB game last night

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 30/07/2014 12:44:36    1628408


2-10 0-12 to Mitchells. EGB were 5 ahead early on in the second half then got a man sent off and the tables turned.

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 30/07/2014 12:55:28    1628419


Thanks Takethehit. Another tight and well contested game. There has probably been only 2 or three one sided games in this years championship between the top two tiers so far

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 30/07/2014 12:59:52    1628423


So with that result last night accoding to Winkers maths earlier the 4 point defeat means that EGB are on -13 difference the same as Barnabus , so a Barnabus win against Macs would see them reach the QF's at EGB's expense as even a one point win would take them to -12

Unless of course Barnabus win by 13 to send Macs to -14 and Macs would then miss out but i cant really see that happening somehow!

Predictions are Macs to win by 3 in Div 1, Brendans to win by 5 against Leicester and the lads from Sons and Marys to sit in the pub as a dead rubber game for those 2 on Sunday!

onlymessing (UK) - Posts: 62 - 30/07/2014 15:50:26    1628554


I also cannot see macs losing on sunday and with home advantage I can see macs winning by a couple of goals margin as I cannot see them losing 3 sfc matches . By all accounts macs have been playing well this season with their strong league form not being quite transferred over to sfc yet but you can never write them off! Barnabus have been disappointing with their last gasp defeat last week v egb the final nail in their sfc coffin in my view.

Div 2 sfc looks like it will go down to the wire also with the last quarter final place up for grabs between Brendans and n padraig with the Leicester side having already beaten brendans twice in the league and having home advantage proving to be another tough match for Sean Dundas' young team who will be missing their new star striker sean mills due to his red card last week

But my money will be on a Brendan's win by 2 to make it 4 wins out of 4 in sfc and potentially set up a Brendan's v Macs quarter final which will bound to pull in a good crowd at pnh for a sfc meeting between the king pins of warwickshire for the last 20 years and the sleeping giants of years gone by!

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 31/07/2014 21:37:59    1629217


Harp46brum - I disagree with your Div 1 verdict. Macs have been largely disappointing in this years championship losing to JM and getting hammered by RC.

With Macs already qualified and Barnabas with nothing to lose I can see a tight affair between 2 of the counties fiercest rivals. I can see a last gasp effort from the Nottingham outfit on Sunday which will put them into a quarter final and eliminate an unfortunate EGB side who have exceeded expectations with their performances this year.

Barnabas by 2

ttotal (UK) - Posts: 31 - 01/08/2014 11:20:48    1629314


Have to agree with ttotal here, I have seen Macs play a few times now over the SFC and they do look under par for their standards. Although RC looked to be in good form when they met Macs a few weeks back, with experienced all ireland minor winner Ormsby looking good this year in his new target man role. Still fancy Macs to beat Barnabus.

Macs by 3!

Up Brendans!

TheCiarraiOne (Kerry) - Posts: 7 - 01/08/2014 16:18:45    1629515


Scores today include a 5 point barnabus victory v macs which puts barnabus and macs through to the quarter finals at the expense of an unlucky egb

Div 2 saw naomh padraig beat st Brendan's by 3 points which now sees both these teams and 4 masters on 6 points in a play off to determine the 2 teams to progress towards the sfc quarter final with the 1st play off match on next Thursday at pnh between the Coventry and Leicester sides followed up on the following Thursday where brendans play their first match.

Exciting times ahead but Brendan's will be disappointed with their loss today which was not helped by some interesting referring decisions!

Final result of the sfc saw st Mary's given a walk over by Sons of Erin in Northampton

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 03/08/2014 21:01:15    1630974