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Macs wont have a back who can mark him one on one, but they may be able to cut the supply out. If he hasn't got the ball his impact will be limited. Macs in fairness are very capable of doing that

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 12/06/2013 20:12:37    1405281


Mitchells will win by 5-6 points.

Macs to win the row.

mofarah (UK) - Posts: 4 - 12/06/2013 20:21:45    1405287


Agree Garvey given space will punish macs.. Just think people
Are forgetting last years replay when scores where needed macs had the men to score them..
They have dowling still playing great football and the Hayden's along with there new recruits
And moriarty.. All men very capable and proven match winners..

champions (UK) - Posts: 10 - 13/06/2013 09:11:41    1405385


Mitchels have more game changers????????????
Im not one to bite but come off it.

I could name 5 Macs men who can change a game in a second.
The only name I hear for Mitchels is Garvey.

countyw (UK) - Posts: 30 - 13/06/2013 10:29:19    1405435


So the big 2 finally get to meet, looking forwrad to a good game Sunday between the 2 best teams in the county this year. Im just hoping for a good clean game with a Macs win and hopefully no of the issues that have arisen previously between these teams, never a good advert for Warwickshire when the results get taken to the County Board!

Mitchells have improved since last year with Garvey showing his class at times but he wont have come across a defence like Macs yet so be interesting to see how that pans out.

Just hopefully there is a big crowd there and both teams are at full strength for a good game, if Macs win thats the league over after Mitchells walkover v Barnabus, couldnt see Macs losing twice in the remaining games even with the teams to meet again in the reverse fixture.

onlymessing (UK) - Posts: 62 - 13/06/2013 10:42:33    1405450


Very little between these sides in three championship matches last year. Wouldn't read a whole lot into tonights match especially as they are due to meet in the first round of the Championship, which is down for the 7th of June.

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 13/06/2013 11:29:14    1405495


It should be a good game on Sunday. My head says Mitchells with the squad they now have, however Macs (plus 1 or 2) have just beaten two county teams over the last two weeks and Scotland are a good side. I predict Mitchells by 5 after Macs are reduced to 13!
Four Masters to win by 2 in the intermediate.

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 76 - 13/06/2013 11:47:55    1405522


Looks like macs are the underdogs going into Sundays game.. Think that might put to much pressure on Mitchell's which will not suit them.. Is it right mr free James looney is not playing due to injury.. That will be a big lose as he will score from any angles with a free provided there is no pressure.. Is Barry Sharkey back fit if so could prove a big player to turn the tide Mitchell's way..

champions (UK) - Posts: 10 - 13/06/2013 12:34:39    1405593


Why is there only two reserve games down for this weekend?

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 14/06/2013 09:37:06    1406243


Mitchels vs Barnabas, Pairc na hEireann 1800 Saturday. Now is that 6 or 8, in case the boys get confused?

an_carraig (UK) - Posts: 55 - 14/06/2013 12:28:23    1406444


FAO an_carraig

Battles (UK) - Posts: 64 - 14/06/2013 12:33:32    1406453


Macs to be downed this weekend!

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 14/06/2013 13:41:42    1406527


Two big games this weekend for the macs boys if we win Saturday and Sunday that's the reserve and senior league wrappe up

upthemacs (Kerry) - Posts: 60 - 14/06/2013 14:30:23    1406590


one win down. one to go. bring on Mitchells

TonyMontana (Kerry) - Posts: 75 - 15/06/2013 20:59:55    1407474


Be interesting to see what activity is on here this week..... All very quiet at the moment.

Have to say great refereeing in PnaH today and what a comeback........

Mac attack seemed non-existent. It has to be said both teams had a lot of players missing. Questions have to be asked as to the depth in the Mac side.

What value is their to the team now then with 12 of them playing for the County over the past few weekends.

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 16/06/2013 21:40:30    1408275


Sidelineman, didn't think it would take you long to be on here spouting, what comeback are you on about ??? Thought that " yous " we're leading at half time. We're you not out to watch your team.

I would have to agree both sides missing a few, will be interesting come championship time.

Roscommon could have done with Garvey today.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 256 - 16/06/2013 21:58:26    1408305


I take it Garvey put the Macs to the sword yesterday?!

League is wide open again

Battles (UK) - Posts: 64 - 17/06/2013 09:20:59    1408366


wouldn't be surprised to see Leicester with a late push for the title now Macs have lost a game.

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 17/06/2013 09:48:39    1408397


mayoallstar - What players were missing yesterday? Mitchels will be confident going into the championship now, but do they have the bottle on the big occasions?!
I see Warwickshire V Lancashire is on this weekend. Do Macs stand a chance?

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 76 - 17/06/2013 11:24:39    1408560


Expect to see two very different sides out come the championship game.
Both sides missing a number of players.

Couple of points on yesterdays game.
1. The ref was seriously poor. Not being bitter, he was poor for both sides.
2. The county board have to sort neutral umpires for games like this.

Things look well balanced now going into the championship and remaining league games now.
Bit of a poor turn out spectator wise I thought.

countyw (UK) - Posts: 30 - 17/06/2013 11:49:31    1408609