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Think it's due to be played in November and December, pity really surely could be played this time of year. Obviously not this week as hurlers are in Croke Park, but around this time when County footballers are playing. Not too many dual players affected maybe the odd one from Barnabas, Casements, EGB and Mitchels

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 07/06/2013 12:10:41    1401050


In response to the previous posted questions on the Warwickshire side that beat Gloucestershire last weekend-The main bulk of the team were from Macs including GK Felgate,Walsh, 2 x Haydens, 2x Gilbrides, Moriarty, Hanlon and Joey Dowling who must be entering at least his 15th year on the County side - A great achievement and he must be one of the best marksmen in that period of time(and still is as per SFC 2012 Final!

As mentioned previously it is a shame that players from John Mitchells did not play as they have been in good form this season and they have the competitions much more competitive in the last couple of years.

Good Luck to both County Football & Hurling Teams this weekend!

hill17gaa (UK) - Posts: 9 - 07/06/2013 20:13:00    1401531


Great win for the hurlers today

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 08/06/2013 16:16:55    1401838


What a great victory for the County hurlers who have done the County proud and have made their own piece of history like the 1973 All Ireland Junior Champs whose players included Oliver Cuddy, Tom Crawley and the legendary Noel McLean.

Lets hope that our County Footballers can be make it a double winning weekend with a victory v Scotland today and that the further squad is boosted with JM and Casements players as they would have the potential of at least making the final stages in the Inter Provincial Series.

hill17gaa (UK) - Posts: 9 - 09/06/2013 09:14:40    1402108


Great result for the hurlers this weekend. Congratulations to the panel.
How did the footballers get on?

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 77 - 10/06/2013 09:56:26    1402709


Footballers won 3-11 to 2-11, now into the semi-finals.Well done to Eddie Hanlon & the team. But once again badly let down by the other clubs. From what I hear only 15 lads travelled, 14 of them Macs & 1 from RC. Absolute joke of a carry on. JM management promised 6 players to the panel for the weekend & once again no show. Disgrace. Apparently they had a challenge game in PNH yesterday, surely the county board should have encouraged them to join up with the lads that travelled to Manchester yesterday.

Rumour has it that Macs & JM will be meeting this weekend, should be an interesting clash. Lets hope that JM get the correct time for the game.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 259 - 10/06/2013 10:24:35    1402750


Well done to the lads that travelled and eddie hanlon - it wouldnt be in mitchels management interest to see eddie and the team progress based on who the previous manager of the county was.

But as the old seying goes you cant keep the macs down for long!!!!

gael2200 (UK) - Posts: 195 - 10/06/2013 18:49:31    1403462


The apparent decision by John Mitchell's not to field players for the County could seriously back fire on their SFC aspirations due to the fact that the Macs are getting some serious game time against some very competitive teams. The Macs lads will be using the matches for their SFC preparations which start in July and their confidence will be sky high if they can progress at least to the Final. It is more productive to them than winning matches by 20/30 points in the SFL.

The County Board meeting should be interesting this evening due to Club's lacks of support for the County Football Team.

hill17gaa (UK) - Posts: 9 - 10/06/2013 20:09:11    1403568


Did Eddie or any of his selectors speak to any of the players or the manager of Mitchells regarding availabiliity or playing for the county? No, thats just fact. If they are not asked to join the set up they cant really play. So it is not really fair to blame them. I know for a fact that some of the players were disappointed not to be involved and to be honest they should be starting. Thats not just my opinion but the opinion of quite a few on here. They were never asked to train or play. Why I dont know nor care to guess but they were not given the option to play. That is 100% fact. Not interested in getting into a debate about it just telling it how it is.

justsayingyano (UK) - Posts: 3 - 11/06/2013 19:55:21    1404485


Justsayinyano Just as well yer not getting into the debate on here son. Your manager told the whole meeting last night he'd asked ye to go out but ye didn't. He said he couldn't make yas. Given you're problems over the last couple of weeks seems ya debating needs to be closer to home

Breiffne1 (Cavan) - Posts: 26 - 11/06/2013 21:03:54    1404539


Be nice to see that lot kept quiet Sunday evening....

Roll on Sunday 3pm I say!!!!

We can see for ourselves if yous have benefitted from smoking out the county setup!

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 12/06/2013 13:30:27    1404908


Looking forward to Sundays game between the supposed champions elect and the current champions. Mitchels to win by 5 points should be a cracker

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 12/06/2013 13:55:48    1404939


Just would like to comment on the sad state of affairs at JM. Players have been selected to play for county and simple not showed up. All this because they neever turned up on time for a game. Thiss is the second year running that they have caused problems with in the county, maybe they should be expelled from the championship teach them a lesson. As for them winning sunday i dont see it happening. There back line is very weak which i see Macs taking full advantage of as they have the best forwards in the county. As a neutral i expect a very tight game and am not to bothered who wins just think JM should get there house in order.

champions (UK) - Posts: 10 - 12/06/2013 15:56:52    1405067


Mitchells by 4.

They have more game changers

Battles (UK) - Posts: 64 - 12/06/2013 16:55:49    1405112


True, have to agree regarding the County setup Battles. But sure it is a waste of time anyways!

Still think Mitchels will win by a +3 margin the weekend. Looking forward to watching this one from behind the fence. Who is refereeing it is the big one. Weak ref will distroy it as a specticle and definatley ply into the "yous" ones hands......

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 12/06/2013 17:15:40    1405144


You sure you're a neutral Champions?

Your post is pure nonsense.

BigTom2050 (Tipperary) - Posts: 289 - 12/06/2013 18:11:01    1405192


Both fairly weak in the back lines, Mitchels have more firepower. Garvey should have a field day given the right ball

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 12/06/2013 18:31:29    1405207


right few lads on the wind up on this forum over tha past few days. 'justsayingyano' i can only think you are winding up or have been very badly informed regarding Mitchell players and the county set up- that couldn't be further from the truth!
should be a good game Sunday, I'll say macs by two. i would say it'll be a high scoring game.Mitchells back 3 seem to be their biggest weakness, whereas Macs have two or three fantastic forwards. Interesting to see how Macs cope with Garvey

TonyMontana (Kerry) - Posts: 75 - 12/06/2013 18:40:53    1405212


Big Tom which bit is nonsense.. Just an opinion from the outside looking in.
Be interesting to see how Garvey plays against better players..
Defo think macs have more game changers as they proved last year.. Who
Would be Mitchell's game changers?

champions (UK) - Posts: 10 - 12/06/2013 18:52:33    1405218


The match on Sunday has a real feel of a Championship Clash with both sides in great form this season.

The appointment of a strong referee and neutral linesmen and umpires are imperative to enhance a great spectacle of football like the SFC Final 2012.

My hunch is that Macs will have Garvey man marked like he has not experienced here in the County to date, as he is a match winner on his day.

Cannot wait for kick off on Sunday - hoping that the correct times have been related to the sides to save any further SFL farces such as the recent Barnabus' episode.

Macs to show their big match mentality and sneak home by 2 points. Masters to beat Brendan's by 4 in IFL title decider.

hill17gaa (UK) - Posts: 9 - 12/06/2013 19:25:35    1405247