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There is nothing misleading below...

Saturday 18 May Lory Meagher Cup OFF PNhE Warwickshire Vs Leitrim
Saturday 18 May Reserve Football League 1800 PNhE John Mitchels Vs Roger Casements
Saturday 18 May Reserve Football League 1800 PNhE Sean McDermotts Vs Noamh Padraig
Saturday 18 May Reserve Football League 1800 Nottingham St.Barnabas Vs Erin-go-Bragh
Sunday 19 May Senior Football League 1400 PNhE John Mitchels Vs St.Barnabas
Sunday 19 May Senior Football League 1400 Wolverhampton St.Marys Vs Sean McDermotts
Sunday 19 May Senior Football League 1400 Erdington Erin-go-Bragh Vs Noamh Padraig
Sunday 19 May Senior Football League 1400 Northampton Sons of Erin Vs Roger Casements
Sunday 19 May Intermediate Football League 1330 PNhE St.Chads Vs James Connollys
Sunday 19 May Intermediate Football League 1330 PNhE St.Brendans Vs St.Josephs
Sunday 19 May Intermediate Football League 1330 Rugby Rugby Gaels Vs O'Rahillys
Sunday 19 May Intermediate Football League 1400 Coventry Four Masters Vs St.Finbarrs

ttotal (UK) - Posts: 31 - 23/05/2013 17:12:22    1389936


Mitchels looking for a re arranged match against barnabas ? not supporting the county team unless the get it ? short memories use fellas , dont have to go back to far to remember last years shammbles due to mitchels , macs countys champs with thier strongest squad in years unable to represent the county cos of mitchels refusal to accept their punishment for crimes against the county ?

2012 (UK) - Posts: 19 - 24/05/2013 09:29:09    1390229


Which team initially requested that the match be switched from 4pm to 2pm?

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 24/05/2013 10:29:19    1390285


This is a shambles. Something that would never be let happen back home. English mentality of blame everyone else coming through. Absolute joke.

Shame on everyone involved

Battles (UK) - Posts: 64 - 24/05/2013 11:03:58    1390323


Basically, the county manager will have a great excuse when he comes up short and the Mac will not be able to belame him.

That is what this is all about.

Who changed the time?
Who notified the teams?
Were the teams notified?
Who notified the referee?
How come the referee and St. B turned up for the early kick off?
Have Mitchells proof of the 4pm kick off?

Surley Mitchells would not (nor any team) deliberately not turn up?
Surley if St. B were any good they would say we will play the game again? Surley St. B could have stayed till the 4pm kick off?

Pity there are no Mitchells men on here but Mac lads stirring the pot.

If Mitchells are not in the wrong there is no way they should let there players field for the county. Where are the county going anyways only a joke.

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 24/05/2013 13:06:56    1390449


What chance of a full round of fixtures this weekend with it being a bank holiday? Slim to none I would say. I'd expect at least one or two games to be called off. Disappointing for the spectator as you can make the most of a bank holiday Sunday but what's the point if the sides aren't going to bother!

The_Panacea (UK) - Posts: 67 - 24/05/2013 13:10:17    1390454


sideleman i can answer some of your questions

Who changed the time? County board changed time due to a request by mitchels
Who notified the teams? County Board at the meeting on monday night where their was representives from both teams and also via email to club secretary
Were the teams notified? YES
Who notified the referee? County Board
How come the referee and St. B turned up for the early kick off? the club and the referee in question knows how to open emails
Have Mitchells proof of the 4pm kick off? well im sure they will find some

Surley Mitchells would not (nor any team) deliberately not turn up? possibly not
Surley if St. B were any good they would say we will play the game again? third time in 3 years they have failed to field or play against barnabas would you???.
Surley St. B could have stayed till the 4pm kick off? yes stay and wait an extra 3 hours for throw in dont be a fool

And as for all the county rubbish who cares if mitchels dont play for the county, everyone knows regardless of who is managing the county board and players dont care about the county football team.

magic_johnson (Cork) - Posts: 181 - 24/05/2013 13:46:13    1390501


I once got a cold burger in Pairc Na HEireann. I think i will ring the chairman and tell him that everyone in our club in unavailable until there are assurances from the county board that this won't happen again*

*and that more chewits are available on matchdays in the clubhouse

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 24/05/2013 14:44:39    1390606


Harrigans leaving EGB, a mystery club is getting kicked out of the league, mitchels not turning up for games, mitchels conspiracy theories.......great craic this hoganstand.


Winker ;-)

winker (Down) - Posts: 46 - 24/05/2013 15:06:04    1390627


not to mention the cold burgers and lack of chewits in P na H!

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 24/05/2013 15:14:48    1390634



Careful'll get them started on the overpriced lucozade and expensive fredo's!


Winker ;-)

winker (Down) - Posts: 46 - 24/05/2013 15:42:41    1390667


Would be a farce if Barnabas had to travel to replay a game to accomodate Mitchels because they yet again have messed up their administration. Where is the respect in it that? If the Mitchels lads don't turn out for County team so what, as well lets be honest they wouldn't be the first set of lads from clubs in Warwickshire to make excuses about not turning out but yet claiming to be the best players in county again lack of respect on so many levels. Seems given the big banners at the Pairc that's the most important thing nowadays. Sad to see people putting the effort in for the County and then slate the lads who do and their is no point moaning about treatment Hurlers get they are in a very different situation. On a different note looking forward to going out and watching Naomh Padraig tonight at senior reserve. Can say I've seen a few of these league games and they look to be the only team looking a proper reserve team without a number of current senior players or lads who have number years experience at senior level, I'd say come championship some club or clubs will be found out in the number of senior players they've used to fool themselves and others that they're a bigger club than what they are. As for cold burgers well that just seems like lies to me, is that because you love your new chip van that is decorated with a butcher's apron johnnyroastbeef?

macsfor0 (UK) - Posts: 33 - 25/05/2013 13:03:44    1391000


It would appear from looking at St Barnabas,s web page, that this game was fixed for 4pm. As it is there in bold print, " game brought forward to 1400 meet at 13.15 PNH" what ever the reason for break down in communication, it has happened. move on. As for Mitchels players not been available for county team, no club. including John Mitchels would deny a player the chance to represent his county, posters on here should get get behind Eddie and support what he is trying to do instead of pulling out red herrings for distraction.

millbrook (UK) - Posts: 103 - 25/05/2013 14:26:49    1391039


SIdelineman,it seems all your questions were answered for you by magic_johnson, just wondering did it clear up the matter for you.

As for your comment about Macs lads stirring the pot, once again you seem to be talking nonsense, the only lad stirring the pot is yourself. And there is plenty of Mitchels boys commenting on this forum.

As for the county team, why would your lads not support Eddie Hanlon ?? He had nothing to do with your fixture not being played ,very petty carry on.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 259 - 25/05/2013 20:55:29    1391232


can anyone put forward the names of twenty players for county panel and why
you think they should be included, based on league performances.ect.

millbrook (UK) - Posts: 103 - 26/05/2013 14:07:56    1391408


Theres no talk from any Mitchels lads that I know about not togging for the county because of the Barnabas game. Nothing to do with Eddie either I's say. Just don't want to play. It happens.

an_carraig (UK) - Posts: 55 - 26/05/2013 15:04:05    1391438


So who would your panel be for the county team ?

upthemacs (Kerry) - Posts: 60 - 27/05/2013 08:28:36    1392097


What a joke of a weekend as regards football, 11 fixtures and only 3 games played. I thought it was said at the last county board meeting teams would not be given Sundays off, that if fixtures are made then they had to be played. So what's the reason for all these no shows and is anything being done about by the county board. Seems some of these sides are doing what JM did last week, turn up when ever it suits them.

Fair play to St.Marys once again for fielding, suffered another heavy beating. But they are always trying to get a team out .

On another note well done to Macs ladies on Saturday for winning the provincial 9a-side. Great effort by all involved and also congratulations to their new manager.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 259 - 27/05/2013 13:44:51    1392473


Any comments from any of the weekends games that did go ahead?

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 27/05/2013 19:05:04    1392912


joke of a county! i will say this though, you keep the rest of the UK entertained with some of the bull that gets on this forum!!

YNWA82 (UK) - Posts: 35 - 28/05/2013 10:31:07    1393269