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I take it tonight just proves how much egb depend on Haz and will miss him if he goes to Mitchels. Although I'm just hoping it's his night classes that are stopping him play as it would not be the same seeing him not play in a green jersey. Maybe Macs would be a better option for him if he did want to go a big club.

macsfor0 (UK) - Posts: 33 - 14/05/2013 21:32:49    1384181


So what was the score last night then? this was the Mick Reilly Cup wasnt it? i cant imagine a lot can be read into this regardless of the score as dont clubs mainly use this for reserve players with a few seniors thrown in as its only slightly better than a training session i would think.

Finding this talk of the Harrigan lad at EGB moving very funny, somewhere there is an EGB lad sat behind his computer laughing at lads going on about this and the rumour he started on here! The lad has played for EGB this year so if he was transferring that means he would not be able to play till next season for whoever he is going to i believe unless my understanding of the stand down period is wrong.....I cant see him siting around till next March not playing!

As mentioned totally against lads moving clubs inter county , even if my club is not , as it does no good for anyone in the long run and we will end up with 2/3 clubs in Warwickshire head and shoulders above the rest (which we are not far off now) while the other clubs scratch around trying to keep hold of their best players who might get tempted by the jingle of a few county medals in their pockets and a few pounds for 'expenses' no doubt!

onlymessing (UK) - Posts: 62 - 15/05/2013 08:46:44    1384219


Really bad night for football last night. In more ways than one.
Only managed to catch the first half but it was all over as a spectical by then.
I take it EGB were no better in the seond half?

Harrigan clearly makes a massive difference to EGB they should do all they can to hang on to him!
Do EGB train at all?

countyw (UK) - Posts: 30 - 15/05/2013 09:44:22    1384240


John Mitchels have some excellent footballers at their disposal at the moment, they will beat many teams by large margins. Definitely the team to beat at the moment

Hobo (Kildare) - Posts: 79 - 15/05/2013 10:25:06    1384272


Hobo have to agree after last night and change my predictions.

Mitchels will take some beating this year to be honest. Forget top three there is a top two and the others will just have to get either of them on an off day. Should just bring the Championship finale forward for the two of them and play it in good weather as oppose to rain, hail and a semi-waterlogged pitch!

Just saying!

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 15/05/2013 13:12:56    1384399


Felt a little sorry for EGB out there on a miserable evening. 3 or 4 good lads out there who have given excellent service giving it their all despite being on the end of a severe beating. Take nothing away from John Mitchels though, their forward line is very impressive. Backs a little bit shaky mind. Should have too much scoring power for anybody in Warks. Garvey looks different class and the big lad at centre field wins everything. Will take a very good side to stop them

Hobo (Kildare) - Posts: 79 - 15/05/2013 13:32:47    1384412


Is this the same Mitchell's side that casements just lost to by two points after leading for large periods? A lot of hype on here for a team that has won nothing and as we saw last year has no bottle when it counts. They'll be empty handed again come September.

cutthemustard (Meath) - Posts: 15 - 15/05/2013 13:48:59    1384422


Hobo, they didn't beat JM by any big score on Sunday, RC still my dark horses for the championship.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 259 - 15/05/2013 14:18:25    1384460


cutthemustard - Great to see another impartial Mac's head on this forum!

It not like there was not enough of ye in the first place.

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 15/05/2013 14:24:11    1384465


Just can't see Casements getting out of the group at the expense of Macs or Mitchels thats why i'm ruling them out. Mitchels were not at full strength Sunday either, its Macs and Mitchels for me. Mitchels are stronger though with Garvey in their ranks which will swing it for them

Hobo (Kildare) - Posts: 79 - 15/05/2013 14:27:23    1384470



TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 15/05/2013 14:27:32    1384471


Went out and watched last night that Garvey is a class footballer but had a young lad marking him! We will see how he does against an older experienced player

upthemacs (Kerry) - Posts: 60 - 15/05/2013 14:33:49    1384479


I see half the Mitchels team on the main pitch training for the small ball game last night, why do they're hurlers train on the same night as a football game is beyond me. Erin go brah have gone down a good bit these last few years. They might get better as the year goes on but I doubt it. Mitchels and St Barnabas this weekend is it? What was the result of Mitchels and Macs or have they played yet?

pc11 (UK) - Posts: 13 - 15/05/2013 17:24:19    1384648


That was the county hurlers training last night and not mitchels. The Birmingham based county lads.

yuppscupp (UK) - Posts: 4 - 15/05/2013 20:37:04    1384786



I don't think the age of his marker had anything to do with Garvey's performance. Its not like Tom Kelly is a minor anymore, he is just simply not good enough at the top and will probably find his level with the Intermediates in my opinion.


Winker ;-)

winker (Down) - Posts: 46 - 16/05/2013 10:09:11    1384925


Winker has a point but I was just shocked to see no change from EGB.
You can bet your life if a player looks as if he has the beating of his man, no matter what time in the game, Macs would run the changes.
We will see how good this lad is when he comes up against the likes of Dooley!

countyw (UK) - Posts: 30 - 16/05/2013 11:20:46    1384986


Harsh to single out a young lad saying he isnt good enough. Garvey is an inter-county footballer playing in a very strong team by Warks standards. Bit of a mismatch when faced by young lads who's only playing experience has been gained over here.

Hobo (Kildare) - Posts: 79 - 16/05/2013 11:38:43    1384999


I wasn't there to see the game but young Kelly is a decent enough footballer, just Garvey is another level. You might say EGB should have put someone else on him but their team consists mostly of young lads.

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 16/05/2013 11:57:42    1385018


Bad for singling out people on this.....
What good does that do a fella going forward.
Apply a little bit of common sense lads. He is not a bad lad at all.

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 16/05/2013 13:17:15    1385081


It's always going to be difficult for a young lad from Erdington to mark a player from
Ireland who is been paid

upthemacs (Kerry) - Posts: 60 - 16/05/2013 13:34:23    1385098