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I didn't see today's game so I can't comment on it directly but it sounds like it was a very poor performance. Monaghan have now conceded some big totals in 3 of the last 4 championship and league games (all against top 8 sides). 2-22 to Dublin, 2-14 to Cork and now 3-15 to a Mayo team that could only mange 1-07 against an unproven Tyrone team.

Maybe today was a blip but I was hoping for a certain level of performance all through the league campaign with staying up in division one the main requirement but conceding 20pts and 24pts in the last two games makes that look a hard ask and a big performance in Donegal is definitely required now.

There are no easy games in div 1 and all the teams there are capable of operating at a high level with teams like Mayo who feel they have a chance of winning the All-Ireland wanting to put down a marker against the Monaghans of this world and unfortunately Monaghan seem to have been put firmly in their place today, as Dublin did to them last August. The Donegals and before them the Tyrones of Ulster football could cope against div 1 teams in a way that Monaghan haven't learned to yet and it'll be tough going until they do.

Midfield, as other posters have stated, is one of the main issues. If we play Cavan without Lennon, or we don't get a proper replacement in there soon there will be more days like today. I'd fear that if Cavan get ahead by a couple of points we're going to see Cavan kickouts raining down on the Monaghan 45 metre line with Cavan winning primary possession and strangling the game.

Hopefully the team and management can re-orient themselves to what is required and we can have an improvement over the next few games.

I was glad to see O. Duffy and D. McKenna start today as the team has to be able to perform up front without Conor McManus and both these have ability. Having to compensate for a weak midfield is going to cause big problems for our forward line and scoring potential this year and the more options available the better.

The match reports say McKenna scored 4 pts, 2 from play which sounds like an OK performance but he was taken off near the end. How did he play?

Duffy seems to have been taking off at halftime so I suppose he hadn't had a huge impact which is disappointing because he is a player capable of getting scores.

rcarragh (Dublin) - Posts: 299 - 01/03/2015 21:52:27    1698127


after watching the highlights or more appropriately lowlights of the match I just think old problems coming back to haunt us. lack of discipline. not properly focussed and of course a very poor ref. I find that all refs have the same problem. they tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the top 4 or 5 teams in the country when theyre playing teams that are less travelled. This was the backbone that led to Monaghans collapse today. frustration at poor decisions and then all snowballed from that stem downwards.

border Gael (Monaghan) - Posts: 749 - 01/03/2015 21:59:17    1698136


As someone else said, it seemed like it was ugly yesterday. Looking at the TV, Jinxys red might have been harsh (but he should know better), but Kieran Hughes should have been sent off too, Darren Hughes screaming at the ref, all looked a bit messy. No matter how bad the ref, our discipline is our own problem, not the ref - striking another player is never the refs fault. It's about being disciplined enough to not lose the head, no matter what is going on.

Reading newspaper reports this morning, the consensus seems to be that we were sort of holding on our own at 15 v 15, and playing with the wind in the 2nd half we might have had a chance. Our lack of midfield ability was probably always going to catch up with us, but in any event unfortunately we pressed the self-destruct button. It's not good enough at this level, and including the McKenna cup game against Cavan, that's 4 reds in 4 games. We have been pretty disciplined under Malachy thus far, but we need to catch a hold of ourselves fast.

Yesterdays antics have resulted in what was already a slightly patched up team turning into an even more patched up team now for the trip to Donegal. Lose that, and we need 2 wins from games against Derry, Kerry and Dublin. Not going to happen I'm afraid. Throwing away the points against Cork is going to be a killer. Overall we played well in the first 2 games, yesterday was a bad day, but I hope we can at least put in a performance against Donegal. Missing so many players the odds don't look good though...

moodoo (Monaghan) - Posts: 400 - 02/03/2015 09:32:31    1698158


Some positives were that Daniel McKenna and K Hughes were both very much on form, Mckenna got an excellent point from play.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 02/03/2015 10:32:11    1698195


Our discipline did let us down yesterday and yes early on it seem it was going to be our day as mayo missed 3 sitters in the first 20 minutes.Stephen is long enough in the tooth to know better than to react in the way he did, ryan will learn from his sending off but and it's a big but the ref was the worst i have ever seen, don't want to come across as a bad loser but what the players need at least is for them to be treated the same as the other team which didn't happen yesterday. Any time our players were fouled and twice I saw 2 on 1 situations he called us back and didn't play the advantage for mayo he played advantage and after a passage of play they lost the ball he took it back and give a free. For the first mayo goal there was a 2 handed push in the back of a monaghan player and mc anespie was taken out of it off the ball both in front of the same lines man that got gollogy sent of but surprise surprise no free for us. So after a long disappointing journey I can see how it was very difficult for the players to control there discipline . Anyone who wasn't there don't read to much into the media coverage as seeing is believing .

hutto (Monaghan) - Posts: 171 - 02/03/2015 10:42:12    1698201


Their first goal was a blatant blatant push on one of our players right enough. Even the mayo supporters around me said the same. Ref was poor no doubt about it, but it's not as if we haven't played with a bad ref before, players need to know what way to react to bad refereing. If you wanted an example of how not to do it you could use yesterday. We were lucky more didn't see red.

Listen it's time to lick our wounds and look to the next day out. We will be missing a few, but 2 points are achievable, and I think the players themselves will want to prove a point.

Sorry to see Kieran Duffy being carried off, looked like a bad hamstring injury. Hope he is ok today.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 02/03/2015 10:50:32    1698206


One of Monaghans poorest days yesterday. Yes the ref wasn't up to standard but neither were our players. Didn't see the Gollogly one until I got home. It did upset the team but when you saw it again there can be little complaints. He did seem to react to a shove. As for Wylies, I don't think anyone can defend that. But we had other issues too. We could have been going to Donegal without Kieran Hughes also. Lucky only to see yellow. That said he was our best player yesterday and scored 2 outstanding points.

We stayed in it during the first half and even early on in the second but once Mayo opened up they were never going to be caught. I think their first goal was poor by the ref. Ignored a blatent push followed up by a black cardable body check and then hit the net. But that would only have delayed the inevitable.

So what next. You would hope we won't be that bad again. But away to Donegal now without Jinxy (one of our best performers this year) and Ryan Wylie is going to be a big ask. We can't afford to be missing players at this level as yesterrday proved without McManus and with Darren Hughes not fully fit. Kieran Duffy will also miss that game with an injury. The Squad will be tested from here on in.

Tim_NicebutDim (Monaghan) - Posts: 330 - 02/03/2015 10:52:58    1698209


Lads we should have had at least another 4 goals, there is a big gap in physical conditioning between mayo and monaghan, when mayo momentum and running game got going, they looked more fluid as monaghan looked labour some. Mc Manus was a big loss to ye. I thought Hughes done well for ye, but once you got a red card there was only going to be one winner. In relation to the ref, he made some bad calls on both teams, though hughes should have went for a punch, but was given a yellow, it got very niggly and ref allowed game to get like this.

saddam (Mayo) - Posts: 414 - 02/03/2015 11:07:55    1698218


Yesterdays performance was simply nothing but a complete let down and a kick in teeth for all those who made the journey west. To see a team who have had so much pride and discipline in recent times resort to that yesterday was nothing but sickening and embarrassing. Yes the referee was terrible but that does not excuse what happened on the field yesterday. We have now played into every pundit and critic and doubters hands out there who said Division 1 was above Monaghan instead of going out and keeping the heads and playing the football we are highly capable of. Neil McAdam really is not our answer for midfield!!I think he has had his chances now and in my opinion he has yet to prove he deserves his place. Kieran Hughes caught ball from every kickout later in the game when he moved out surely pulling him out even if just for some of the kickouts has to be an option better than loosing possession every kickout. Our defence was as poor as i've seen in a long time. Its normally the one area we can rely on to be solid but Mayo ran straight through us yesterday. All in all the most disappointing day as a Monaghan supporter in awhile. It felt like there was underlying issues with the team and they need to get all sorted before a trip to Letterkenny next sunday which is already more difficult without Ryan and Jinxy.

WatchNo.30 (Monaghan) - Posts: 8 - 02/03/2015 11:46:56    1698241


Saddam - I agree that mayo looked better when they got the running game going and they could have had more goals. But a few minutes from half time monaghan were happy enough. To be only 3 down and the wind at our backs to come was a good position to be in even if we did ride our luck on a few occasions. And to be able to take on Darren Hughes to strengthen our midfield was also in the planning. But the sending off cost us totally and Mayo were able to stroll home. I don't think staying 15 v 15 was going to win us the game but I think we would have stayed in it longer and Gollogly has been playing really well for us which increased the loss of him.

Tim_NicebutDim (Monaghan) - Posts: 330 - 02/03/2015 11:50:12    1698243


That was a total let down of a performance from Monaghan. Ill disciplined with Kieran Hughes extremely lucky not to have also got the line. We're playing with a much weakened squad at the moment, missing up to 10 regular players from the starting line up over the last two games

Dick Clerkin
Eoin Lennon
Darren Hughes
Conor McManus
Colin Walsh
Vinny Corey
Chris McGuinneess
Jack McCarron
Paudie McKenna
Gavin Doogan

Add in a couple of suspensions and the squad is being severely overstretched. The next two games for Monaghan are critical. We've seen before the demoralising effect a relegation has on the rest of the season. Monaghan need to regroup & refocus. Surely we couldn't play as badly or as ill disciplined again all season.

sleater (Monaghan) - Posts: 115 - 02/03/2015 12:20:45    1698264


I notice nobody has question the management I believe they has a lot to answer for from the Ulster final last year and the all Ireland quarterfinal last year to the Cavan game this year the signs are clear that they have taken this team as far as they can and done a great job don't get me wrong. But it's time for change one of the best modern day and well renowned College manager is a Monaghan man and he should be the next Monaghan manager and his name is Prof Niall Moyna. Obviously Malachy and the boys will finish out this year and unfortunately and I hope I'm wrong this is not going to be a Good year for Monahan football because they have not adapted or changed much since last year and in this modern era of Gaelic football that is not good enough.So please "Monaghan County Board" do not mess around and waste any time and do everything in there powers to have Prof Moyna in place for the start of 2016. Despite what happened against Donegal, Dublin, Cavan,and Mayo yesterday this is a good Monaghan team with some good young players there at the moment and so good under age players coming true from under age and Moyna is the man to bring them to the next level

RawDog (Monaghan) - Posts: 83 - 02/03/2015 12:56:59    1698278


Hard luck to the Monaghan fans who made the long trip west yesterday. Temperament did get the better of ye alright. If ye had kept yer cool, had 15 v 15 and McManus had started then who knows. From our point of view a big improvement on Tyrone but a trip up to Derry is our tough test next. There did seem to be an edge yesterday whatever happened at that infamous challenge a few years ago....would make for an interesting game if we meet later in the year.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10562 - 02/03/2015 13:40:50    1698313


Rawdog, you have no loyalty. This Monaghan management has guided us to prob the most successful couple of years in decades. We won more since 2013 to now than we did in the previous 20. Niall Moyna is grand, but managing a college team is nothing to managing a county team. With the players at his disposal in the college its no wonder they won.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 02/03/2015 13:50:24    1698317


I think Monaghan will be relegated. Also, doubts remain if they are to win another game in this league, I have seen posts on here saying Derry will be a certain two points but I dont think it will be that easy. Have Monaghan really kicked on from Ulster in 2013? Doubts remain, leaking big scores, nothing really upfront when you compare Monaghan to Mayo Kerry Doengal etc. I was suprised to see so much encouragement from the Cork game, Monaghan really let that slip against a Cork team in transition. Midfield is also a worry and to ask Eoin Lennon to come back at 33/34 to solve this with all his injury problems isnt good a sign. On the otherhand it is only league football, Cavan on Saturday night also struggled and that game in May is the big one. An ulster title over staying up is a no brainer. However, problems must be addressed like discipline, getting the best of the forwards and employing a better defensive game plan.

222 (UK) - Posts: 537 - 02/03/2015 14:05:17    1698324


Rawdog, I presume that was just a windup. To suggest that we need to dump the management team on the back of yesterday is ridiculous. In the same way we didn't become world beaters after the Tyrone game, we're not finished because we lost to Mayo. I think we will get relegated, in the cold hard light of day we might be top 8 material, but are we top 6? I was always more hopeful of us putting in good performances during the year, than actually staying in the division. We have 2 decent performances out of 3 so far, lets see what we can do for the rest of the league.

moodoo (Monaghan) - Posts: 400 - 02/03/2015 14:10:09    1698326


We always struggle when teams use a running game against us like Cork and Mayo yesterday and the Dubs in the Summer. On a good day we are in top 5 or 6 teams in the country, on a bad one a lot lower than that. The Derry game is key to win although that is assuming Tyrone dont pick up any more points. Dont see us picking up any more points outside of the Derry game unless Dublin are generous. Will be tight staying up but think we might just make it. Midfield is massive problem area for us and if we are facing into the Summer with same midfield as last year, wouldnt be confident at all. There isnt the resources in Monaghan to break into where the Mayos, Kerrys and Dublins of this world are no point kidding ourselves that there is. As for the poster saying Malachy should go I dont know to answer that. Do you recall 2011 and 2012 and where he found the team when he took over getting hammered by Offaly in the championship. Still think we are in with a shout of another Ulster title this summer but really need to be more disciplined, find an option at midfield, might have to be Kieran Hughes it aint McAdam or Dick Clerkin and hope that Daniel McKenna kicks on from good display yesterday as the injuries are starting to mount for McManus so cant keep relying on him.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - Posts: 1524 - 02/03/2015 14:22:02    1698333


Rawdog what ridiculous statement with regard to Monaghan management. Malachy and his backroom staff took over a shambles following double relegation and an nightmare of a performance in Tullamore against a very limited Offaly outfit. He has done wonders, winning an Ulster, won our first championship game in Croke Pk in 85 years, two league titles on the bounce albeit Div 2&3 and has us dining at the top table this year.
You mention the Ulster Final last year and how he was outwitted by Jim McGuinness what changes would you have made? Donegal were the better team on the day just as we were the year before, the defeat to the Dubs had a lot to do with mental and physical tiredness from the defeat of Kildare 7 days earlier however you have to admit the Dubs are a savage outfit when in full flow.
Yesterday was a game we were always going to struggle in due to injuries and with the sending off it all went downhill from there. Take 10 men out of any intercounty team and they will struggle never mind a county that has 29 clubs to pick from. Mayo should have beaten Kerry twice last year but their mental scars from numberous defeats to the Kingdom stopped them from getting over the line.
The defeat to Cork was a hard pill to take and will probably come back to haunt us but the next games verses Donegal and Derry will be the games Malachy will have been targeting as winnable games to stay up. All is certainly not lost and hopefully with a few men to return next Sun thing will look a whole lot better next Monday.
Niall Moyna is a good coach in his own right but managing a top 8 intercounty team is a whole lot different to managing the Harlem Globetrotters of university football.
Malachy will get it right and has made v few mistakes during his tenure just watch him.

pavillion (Monaghan) - Posts: 21 - 02/03/2015 14:31:01    1698344


Look guys Malachys achievements with Monaghan are brilliant the best in years but his recent results are not great and in the top level you need to move fast . Somebody in one of the other post suggested Niall Moyna was just a good college manager let me tell you about another good college manager in the late 70s who took over an ok offaly team and went on to win two our tree Leinster's and Division I league and more importantly a Ireland in 1982 his name is Eugene mc Gee. This year will see the retirement of some of the older guys on the Monaghan team and there is some good yong players in the county coming through the under age ranks that will replace the retiring guys and that's why professor Moyna is the right man for the job he is dealing with young talent all the time

RawDog (Monaghan) - Posts: 83 - 02/03/2015 16:12:58    1698405


Malachy out............Heard it all now,short memories Rawdog......

Yesterday was awful,but no one died.We are struggling because of injuries and now suspensions,plus we are playing the best teams in the country.


Why you ask,because we are fighting a losing battle without a full squad and playing men that are carring injuries will only lead to major problems in the summer.

Going to division 2 wont be the end of the world..........Going to breffni park in 13 weeks time with half a team and losing,will be the end of the world.

Get our main men fit for the 24th of May,thats all that matters.

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 02/03/2015 16:49:02    1698424