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Looking forward to this game now. Will be tough but I think we can do it

derryman (Derry) - Posts: 3246 - 29/05/2011 10:59:24    942441


we all know that Derry have been defeated in our last 8 or 9 semi finals in ulster, but the fact is did we really compete in any of these semi's, it always seems that we get over run and never really show up and even put up a fight. Memories of a Tyrone whitewash getting bullied by Monaghan an embarrassing defeated by Fermanagh, will this year be different can Brennan turn it around? I hope so but i also hope we show heart and at least go down fighting.

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 29/05/2011 21:01:12    943000


Wont be able to make it unfortunately.

Theres a few things for us to worry about, in particualr young clarke in the full forward line. Who do people thing will get the job of marking him.

If Diver and Muldoon have big games, the game will be there for the taking.

Derry_ledd (Derry) - Posts: 2093 - 30/05/2011 10:04:40    943129


Dermot McBride will have to pick up young Clark as McCloy wont have the legs for him - if we had a fully fit panel I would fancy us for this game but as it stands i dont like our chances - but as a previous poster said at least with Brennan we will go down fighting

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 30/05/2011 11:47:14    943244


any idea where this will be played?? hoping healy park, but prob casement or bloody clones. grrrrrrrr

doireciaran (Derry) - Posts: 85 - 30/05/2011 11:49:45    943247


this game will probably be played in casement.....i hate the place no atmosphere or nothing...

orchardman (Armagh) - Posts: 158 - 30/05/2011 12:12:11    943272


Derry can hopefully slip under the radar and give it a good lash. Armagh will have been up for Saturdays match the same way we seem to be when we face Tyrone. A bit more pressure on Armagh, because however anyone tries to dress it up from an Armagh perspective they will be strong favourites to progress.
The one thing we can be assured is that Derry under JB won't go down the same way as Antrim did against Donegal.
McBride is a good man marker and can do a job on Clarke. He had a poor game against Fermanagh but has been one of our most consistent players this year. I also believe McCloy, for all his perceived failings, is good enough to shackle McDonnell.
I don't expect Skinner to get the freedom he got against the Erne men but if, as i expect Armagh to do double up on him we can get to Armagh by getting good ball into the forward line and also running at their half-backs pressing them back.
Big Joe also needs to clean out Vernon and Toner which is where Down failed miserably. He is capable of winning the midfield battle with Friel/McCloskey & Muldoon backing him up.

IF everyone sticks to their job, keeps their discipline, and we get the breaks here and there........ we CAN win... just, but we can.

kingpuck71 (Derry) - Posts: 673 - 30/05/2011 13:53:39    943434


Another semi final defeat on its way. More of the same as we don't have the players, why can't halve of ye not see it. It would be fantastic to do it, but it aint gonna happen.

MickeyMouse (Derry) - Posts: 174 - 01/06/2011 11:23:49    945136


Our problem has always been consistency.
We could beat Armagh out the park in the semi and get hammered by Monaghan in the final.
Hopefully our facile win over Fermanagh means we save a big game for the semi.

bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 01/06/2011 15:47:16    945488


I seen on tv that the semi final with Armagh is due to be played in Clones. Which is odd as i read in the paper during the week that ulster council where not to meet till monday to decide what venue for June 19th. Clones is more or less Armagh's home venue they have played their more times than morgan fuels park and is a quick drive from the monaghan/armagh boarder. Its not taking Derry in to consideration with this venue choice, its nowhere near half way and with fuel prices the way they are i feel its unfair on Derry supporters being asked to travel this far for a neutral venue, we need all the support we can get and this venue will not help our numbers. I want to see our board challenge this decision. Doire abu

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 05/06/2011 21:15:59    948275


Seen that as well brolly.
The most common sense venue is Casement.
Its about equidistance from both countys

bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 06/06/2011 13:26:54    948603


Fingers crossed its at Casement Park, handy to myself and would mean an extra Derry supporter for you's ;)

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 06/06/2011 13:51:50    948639


Just heard it confirmed Clones! What a joke, Casement was the obvious answer or even Omagh could host it. There'll be 12,000 max at it whereas i reckon nearly 20,000 would have went to Casement, id love to boycott it as its on TV but i know i'll be there, What are the ulster council thinking? Hopefully the County Board will push to change this. its about 200 mile trip from most parts in derry maybe we should get the environmentalists onto the GAA about its carbon footprint!!

This_Year (Derry) - Posts: 105 - 06/06/2011 16:20:24    948849


Im glad its in clones.

I dont have many good memories from Casement, apart from a few wins over Antrim, and I dont think ive ever seen us play well there. I hate the place with its flat atmosphere.

I know most of you weren't there but we beat Armagh in Clones in 2007 lets not forget. Ive seen Derry play well many times in Clones, most recently against Monaghan in 2009 and think it is the better venue for us, and Id have a guess that the players would rather Clones.

And Clones isnt 200 miles from Derry. Its 85 miles from Coleraine, which is as far away as you'll get from Clones in Derry, Its 75 from the city and 56 from magherafelt. Very glad with the choice.

Derry_ledd (Derry) - Posts: 2093 - 07/06/2011 12:25:34    949441


i know what you mean Derry Ledd Casement is a terrible venue (cant believe the n.i. assembly are pumping money into it), and we do have fond memories in clones in recent years, my only concern is i think it favors the orchard county i would have like to have seen it at Omagh ( famous for our great win over the dark side aka Tyrone 2006), but it shouldn't matter where it is hope to see a good Derry support in Clones to get behind the oakleafers!

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 07/06/2011 14:03:46    949584


I see Gerard OKane is a doubt for this game now which doesnt help matters any.
Severe dead leg by all accounts in the match against Kilrea, carted off in an ambulance so that shows the severity of it.
Will be lucky if he makes the subs bench for the match now.

bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 07/06/2011 16:25:26    949781


We only have limited support so the G A A do what they want with us , not affect that many, alough a crazy situation again by headquarters .

bonzo111 (Derry) - Posts: 190 - 07/06/2011 19:29:03    949951


Hopefully there will be a good fan base in Clones to support the Derry players, Would be great to get a win against Armagh and reach the Ulster final but I'll not hold my breath, Will be a tough game but hopefully it will be a bit more exciting than the Derry - Fermanagh game

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 07/06/2011 20:19:10    949999


I'm in agreement with brolly_4_pres and derry_ledd as regards Casement Park - it's a kip of a place with no atmosphere which seems to be cunningly designed to prevent half the crowd from seeing the game properly. On top of all that, as mentioned, Derry never seem to do well there in big games (Armagh 05, Monaghan 07, Tyrone 09) and my recent memories of Clones are much more pleasant (2007 against Armagh and 2009 against Monaghan as mentioned and what about Paddy's masterclass in 2005?). Nevertheless, Clones is pretty much a home venue for Armagh; Omagh would have been a much fairer choice, being easily accessible for both teams' supporters. The Evil Empire have put up a fine stadium, it has to be admitted, and everything about Healy Park, whether it be road access or parking or getting a bite to eat, is much easier than either Casement or Clones.

All the same, I'm really looking forward to Sunday week and hope the distance doesn't put too many people off because that's a decent enough Armagh side and Derry could probably do with all the support they can get. Anyway, a match in Clones will help prepare Derry for the final, when we will finally get the Tyrone monkeys off our backs!
Doire Abú.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 07/06/2011 20:28:24    950009


due to the fact that this game is in clones , will that mean that very few derry supporters will travel?

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 08/06/2011 11:54:58    950304