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O' Byrne Cup 2013

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How do reckon you will get on. Will you beat Cill Mhantáin? Will you have any chance against DCU or Áth Cliath? Will there be a big crowd in Dr. Cullen Park like last year? What would you all see as a decent season this year?

Culann (Dublin) - Posts: 2306 - 14/12/2012 13:34:44    1310482


I think Anthony Rainbow will be using the O'Byrne cup competition to put together his best possible team for the forth coming league, I would settle for a favourable, battling performance against the Dub's as a step in the right direction, to expect us to win this one even in DCP is next to impossible, a very small home crowd I would imagain.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2442 - 04/01/2013 18:31:14    1313732


Do us a favour Carlow and knock us out of this Mickey Mouse cup, a good player could get hurt!

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 8271 - 06/01/2013 12:35:25    1314120


Not a bad performance today but why are we playing an extra man in the back line? Dublin hurt us on their own kickouts and they built from there the whole way up the field. Why not try playing everyone in there position against Wicklow and see how we get on.

bobbybouche1 (Carlow) - Posts: 73 - 06/01/2013 16:04:53    1314197


ray walker is an out and out midfielder! they were playing him just in front of the half backs sitting there! what a waste.. should be him and b murphy midfield for the year no doubt. brian murphy was very good today as was e ruth. thought ledger and c murphy had off days. lots of positives though.

carlowbhoy (Carlow) - Posts: 10 - 06/01/2013 20:24:51    1314375


It's early days yet and the jurys still out, never the less there was more positive than not, I think we can win our next one, no doubt.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2442 - 06/01/2013 20:51:11    1314395


Lads, are there no GAA people in Carlow?? There must have been only about 100 from Carlow out of the 1,000 or so at the game. Are things that bad in the GAA down your way?

Culann (Dublin) - Posts: 2306 - 06/01/2013 21:29:08    1314433



To answer your question - I was in Croke Park in 1974 at a league game between Dublin and Kildare - the total attendance was about 100
This was before Dublin came good in the same year - The small attendance was due to Dublin been in the wilderness for 11 years. We in Carlow, with a fraction of your population and 69 years in the wilderness - A 100 in DCP is not a bad turnout - it is all about perspectives

Blackbog (Carlow) - Posts: 585 - 06/01/2013 22:01:38    1314460


All right. If you are happy with that sort of attendance thats fair enough. It might be cheaper and less hassle, however, to play your games on the Hanrahan's pitch in future though if you are happy with a crowd of 100. Good luck with the rest of the O' Byrne Cup.

Culann (Dublin) - Posts: 2306 - 07/01/2013 08:25:03    1314464


I never mentioned the word Happy - The central point is that DCP will get bigger crowds if Carlow start getting results - its no different that another county.
ANd just to reiterate - nobody went to see Dublin in the between 1965 -1974.

Blackbog (Carlow) - Posts: 585 - 07/01/2013 09:56:54    1314490


To be fair Blackboy I think Culann was just curious and asked the question as to why we are so badly supported - it must be strange for any visitors when they come to Dr. Cullen Park and their fans outnumber the home supporters! I would go so far as to say alot of the Carlow support there yesterday came to see some of the Dublin 'stars' as much as to see Carlow.

Culann- its been like this for years. Apart from the diehard supporters the carlow GAA fans have stayed away from matches and to be fair with good reason. People get fed up paying out money they cant afford to watch the team getting beaten week after week. Our hurlers have been very successful over the last number of years and yet have such a poor following - this is because apparently we are mainly a footballing county! I feel sorry for the lads who are out training several nights a week on our behalf when they run out onto a pitch and you can hear a pin drop. I dont know what the answer is but i know even from yesterday there are lads on that panel who are not with the best will in the world intercounty standard. Compare that to Dublin and the team you had out yesterday - it will be interesting to see how many of those lads will be on starting 15 come the championship. All of those lads would walk onto the Carlow team!

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 07/01/2013 11:52:15    1314562


duel supporter when have our hurlers been sucessful enlighten me please

oldburrin (Carlow) - Posts: 221 - 07/01/2013 12:00:02    1314568


Wasnt at the match yesterday, can someone who was at it please give an update of who played well etc - could only pick up the odd radio report. Good to see Brendan murphy back, Ray Walker, Derek Hayden etc -very positive to see these guys involved. I see there were two probable starters playing with the Carlow It - Lawlor & Gannon yesterday. Is Shane Redmond on the scene this year? There was also talk of JJ Smith returning early in the new year from Oz, any truth to this ?

Bainisteoir (National) - Posts: 487 - 07/01/2013 12:18:01    1314579


Bannisteoir - There was a few changes to the team given on the programme. Paul Reid was replaced by Con Murphy, Willie Minchin replaced by Alan Kelly (Rath), and Kieran Nolan replaced by Tony Bolger. Shane Redmond was playing midfield - this is not the place for him. I dont know where they will play him as Derek Hayden played well at centreback and Cian Lawler I presume will return to fullback for the league. Regards who played well, Derek, Benny Kavanagh, Trevor Reilly, Brian Murphy. Raymond Walker had no 10 on his shirt but played behind our halfback line for the whole game - why I have no idea and it made no impression. Such a waste of his talents in my opinion. Daragh Foley tried hard but had so much work to do on his own - why didnt they try Ray in midfield and if they wanted put Shane back behind the halfback line? Must say i was surprised to see Brendan back - thought he had suffered a lacerated kidney and would be out till Feb/Mar - hope hes not back too soon. Would prefer to have him for league than O'Byrne Cup.

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 07/01/2013 12:55:20    1314603


# dual supporter, that was a spot on reply to Culann, and yes we are (in theory) a football county but with no success and with little or no support, we play hurling with success (however reasonable) and with little support.
Some one questioned Dublin's support between 1965 - 1974, well that was then, this is now, sport and peoples attitude to sport has moved on a lot since then, and it's not all about winning trophy's, but mostly about winning the respect of the opposition when we have achieved that we can then think about winning silverware, our lads over the past couple of years are trying their level best to do that, support or no support.

PS. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Dublin not win the All Ireland senior football championship in 1963, they won the All Ireland in 1983 had to wait until 1995 for the next one, their next success was in 2011, sixteen years later but there was no fall off in support, I could go on- - -

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2442 - 07/01/2013 16:08:33    1314774


- - - - someone wanted to know when have our hurlers been successful, well I'll try and make it as simple as I can for you, if we go back to 2000 (ish) you will see we started with winning a couple of Christy Ring cup's, a bag full of Keogh cups, promotion to div 3, then to div.2, div 1b,we are now one small step away from playing in the top flight, but to answer your question more directly, our hurlers became successful when they won the respect of the opposing teams, and that wasn't to day or yesterday, the history books will enlighten you more.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2442 - 07/01/2013 16:21:00    1314780


Supersub 15, i think from experience its fair to say that the footballers have had a more consistent following than the hurlers over the years despite their lack of success

Bimb (Carlow) - Posts: 437 - 07/01/2013 17:09:34    1314842


Yesterdays game was interesting. Some positive signs, some worrying things too.

on the plus side great to see all of last years panel back again for more, now we have added Ray Walker, Murtagh Ware, Alan Callinan, Ciaran Moran, Keith Hession, Michael Nolan, Craig Kearney, Rathvillys Byrne, and Willie Minchin back involved too.

Thought Derek Hayden had a great game in his new chb role, its made for him there. Come the Westmeath game, wud love to see a centre spine of Lawlor, Hayden, Murphy Walker/Gannon, Walker/Gannon, ff is a role that needs someone to step up in next few games. Maybe Hession, cud be Foley/Jackson.

On wed night hope to see Walker further forward, and wud like to see Hession get a start at ff.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1114 - 07/01/2013 18:56:08    1314904


Where was Jackson yesterday? What about Darragh foley full forward? Mabey john Murphy centre forward?

Bimb (Carlow) - Posts: 437 - 07/01/2013 19:13:05    1314922


Keith Jackson was there yesterday but in the stand, he is injured and hoping to be back for league. We do have serious options once Jackson, J Murphy are fit...and JJ Smith comes back. Heard he is back in Feb, but also heard he won't be back till hard to know.

Big panel this year, and looking around the stand in dcp yesterday saw Padraig Bambrick, Mullins, Cashin, Carbery, Gahan...some injured some not. Hughie Gahan to me is the one we need to get involved. Broderick from Tinryland too. Need scoring fwds more than anything.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1114 - 07/01/2013 19:36:43    1314935