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Best of luck to Rangers today.. good enough to win but will be tough.. the condition of the pitch is not what Rangers will be used to ... hope the ball moves quick enough for them to capitalise on their exellent stick craft. The forwards need to up their performance a little on last game too!

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1556 - 19/11/2011 10:40:28    1071821


Huge congratulations to Carlow champions Mount Leinster Rangers on there win today.Leinster Intermerdiate club champions.Didnt get to make it to the match today as was working but was listening on the radio and am hugely proud and glad after today.Hugh Paddy O Byrne's introduction was a huge turning point but they had hero's all over the field.After all there success in Carlow over the last few years,they really deserved this today,especially after losing the final two years ago.I know they will enjoy this,but as good as this is, there is now an All Ireland semi final to be played so hopefully they can go even further.According to the GAA website,they will play the winners of Moycullen(Galway) and Robert Emmets(London),in the last week of January.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1105 - 19/11/2011 15:27:15    1071961


Moycullen..was there, what a great day for their club and our county.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 19/11/2011 18:31:17    1072068


Congratulations and best of luck against Moycullen. Wouldnt it be great to go on and win it outright.

Enjoy the deserved celebrations.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 469 - 19/11/2011 19:02:26    1072082


Congrats to MLR, great game, as a neutral celbridge very unlucky to have man sent off so early for very little, mount leinster lucky number 14 wasnt sent off for kicking. Great game that could of gone either way..two serious teams.unlucky celbridge a serious young outfit.

hurler2010 (Clare) - Posts: 16 - 19/11/2011 19:03:57    1072084


Yes cellbridge were excellent all through. I thought the second sending off wa more of a loss to them as it opened up a lot of space for mlr.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 19/11/2011 19:20:46    1072098


MLR, Leinster champions 2011, job well done full stop, Celbridge were doing everything right including taking advantage of any frees that came their way with a more than accurate free taker in Billy Byrne, then a well engineered goal finished by Coady, some how changed the direction of the game, from two point down, MLR went two points up but some how went in at half time with the sides level. Some very tenacious hurling , was the build up to one of the Celbridge lads getting a straight red before half time, there was no need for it as they were doing all right up 'till then, a couple of yellows was to follow. MLR held their cool, they stayed on the right side of "dicipline" and used their experience well, they came out in the second half more settled but not knowing what to expect from a fourteen man team with their backs against the wall and the sides level 1-07 to 0-10, more yellows were to follow and one that saw Celbridge reduced yet again to thirteen men but the game was out of their reach by then, I thought the game was never Celbridge's to win at any time after Coady scoring that goal even allowing for the fact that their was only three points separating the teams at the finish. I am not taking from Celbridge's performance, but I don't think MLR learned anything from to days game except how to finish a game with fifteen men, I am convinced how ever if Celbridge had to play the entire game with the full fifteen, MLR would have in fact won by more. ---------- Good luck against Moycullen.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2187 - 19/11/2011 19:52:20    1072131


Congrats and well done to MLR on a great result today, well deserved lads.

THE BOSS (Carlow) - Posts: 475 - 19/11/2011 21:30:07    1072220


Well done to Rangers today, a very good win and had to fight very hard to get that win. Celbridge had an excellent free taker and he kept them in it in the first half particularly. John Coady's goal was a big turning point as they were floundering at that stage. Rangers were up against it physically and looked to be in trouble before the goal.

The sending off - first one- hard to see exactly what happend but the linesman had the flag flying so... Celbridge man must have done something!

The introduction of High Paddy certainly changed the game in Rangers favour and his speed and touch were excellent. The MLR rearguard were very tight and came up trumps yet again especially in the last 2 or 3 minutes when being a goal up they had to defend stoutly.

All over the field Rangers were hurling as best they could and were rewarded by some excellent scores late on to seal the game and a place in the AllIreland semi final.

So, a great and deserved win for Rangers, a big win for Carlow hurling too! A good crowd there from Rangers and a fine speech from Karl Lawler. Well done to them all.

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1556 - 19/11/2011 21:48:52    1072233


Well done Rangers, fantastic achievement and if I'm right it means our Senior champions will be playing in the Senior club? We should go and support them in the All Ireland series, they have earned it. Well done.

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1823 - 20/11/2011 10:24:19    1072269


I could be wrong hurling guru,but i think we have to win the All Ireland to go back to the senior club,but i am open to correction.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1105 - 20/11/2011 15:45:18    1072431


Hope you're wrong Fergie. Would imagine they'd be back up after winning the provincial title but sure you know youself, every obstacle and more would be probably be thrown in Carlow's way.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 469 - 20/11/2011 20:57:06    1072697


Lads, I attended this game as a neutral, have to say it was a great game, as good as i've seen this year in aqny county. MLR are a very good team, however they pushed to the limit by very good young Celbridge team. Thought the MLR wing back should have got a straight red (instead of yellow)for his pull down on the head of Celbridge wing forward Connor kenny after 10 mins, this was way worse than the incident which saw Mark Moloney receive a red for a retaliatory slap on other MLR wingback. Sending off had huge impact on game, I am certain Celbridge would have won it only for this.
MLR used there extra man well, sitting just between the full anf half back line, Celbridge were always going to find it hard to get scores against this system, also against wind in second half.
MLR lucky not to have anotherrr man sent off for kicking celbridge man when he was on the ground, i would have thought this was a sending off, however he only received a yellow card, strange!!!
MLR had great support, way more than Celbridge, thing they have a great chance now of winning it out.
Celbridge doing great work with hurling in Kildare, they play a good brand of fast hurling, they will be back, no doubt about that

stickywicket (Kildare) - Posts: 61 - 21/11/2011 09:56:50    1072811


What a weekend for Hurling in Carlow. A Fantastic result on Saturday by the mighty Rangers men. It was an outstanding game with a very high standard of hurling on display. This was MLRs finest hour and I thought that Celbridge were a serious outfit and Rangers had to produce their very best to lift the cup. John Coady was brilliant in the first half and caused Celbridge defence a lot of trouble. Rangers were giving away soft frees in the first half but they tidied it up in the second and I have to say the Referee didnt give a lot of frees to the Rangers, Eddie Byrne was being dragged and fouled all day but didnt receive a single free!!
I dont think anyone can call this team chokers any more. They have serious character and fitness levels and finish every game very strong. They hit the last ten shots at goal on Saturday(5 points and 5 wides) which is some statistic.
It was great to see all clubs represented on Saturday to support the Rangers which is the only way forward for Carlow Hurling. Well done to all!!

Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 266 - 21/11/2011 12:02:12    1072930


Great game on Saturday, and Rangers were the better side overall and even with 15 v 15 would have won it i reckon. Celbridge are a fine side too, it was a quality game for 2 clubs that are not deemed good enough for senior Leinster it seems.

Next up for MLR will probably be Moycullen from Galway, but first off they have to go to Ruislip on Sunday to play Robert Emmets in the qf.

Great to see a Carlow hurling team in an AI semi, and no reason why they can't go all the way at this stage.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1114 - 21/11/2011 19:08:03    1073257


Not sure I would agree that MLR would of won 15 v 15 as they were under serious pressure until the first sending off.They were also two points down before the second sendings off,once Celbridge only had 13 men the space created made a difference in the last 5 mins.MLR should win it out now, cant see them getting as tough a game again.From my own view both teams playing on Saturday would be more than capable of playing in the senior championship.

hurler2010 (Clare) - Posts: 16 - 21/11/2011 20:03:42    1073306


The real1944. Trust me, MLR will not be playing Moycullen......Get to Paddy power quick if you want to make some cash.

stranded (UK) - Posts: 408 - 21/11/2011 21:00:25    1073374


Well lads new to this site. As a neutral up at last saturdays match i'd just firstly like to say congrats to every 1 involved with mlr, it was a great day for mlr and carlow hurling. What a game, celbridge are a serious team, a far stronger outfit than dansfort i thought? Agree that rangers could have been under pressure if not for the sending off's. it created a lot of space suiting the rangers, in what was a seriously tight pitch. hugh paddy coming on was the match winning move, got 2 great points looked very dangerous. Any 1 know is young richard kelly injured or whats the story with him, was at 1 of their training sessions previous to saturday and he was goin very well. London are 'suppose' to have a serious team, i'd expect them to come thru. any 1 know date of the semi final?
Very best of look to rangers in the semi. Go get it lads

HURLER686 (Carlow) - Posts: 2 - 21/11/2011 21:51:03    1073431


Congradulations to MLR what a win for a carlow club.Delighted for them especially eddie coady,frank foley james hickey these 3 are at it a long time now and gave everything to club and county.Its a true saying "you get what you deserve"and as a club they do desreve it, to keep coming back year in year out after victory or defeat is fine going and shows what sportsmen are all about.On a seperate note just heard kevin ryan had the rangers lads doing a gym session on wednesday night, this cant be true can it?It would not happen in any other county, this is complete player burnout and they should be left alone til the club get knocked out of the competition.They had all club players for most of the year and the clubs were not allowed to play them in games its time now to play with the club where it all started and will finish.

Clux (Carlow) - Posts: 72 - 26/11/2011 09:18:47    1075905


Well done to our lads great achievement to be leinster champions .Some celebrations saturday and sunday and last night in rathanna.All past managers were down to join in the celebration which all of them played a part down the years.Great for the older lads on the team to get a leinster title with their club years of hard work has gone in and miles and miles of barrow track has been run,it was tough to look at them doing it not alone run it. Nothing stopping them from going the whole way now,a little more hard work and mentality and who ever wants it the most on any given day can win it out and would be great as a club to play in croke park to compete for an all ireland title

TopFan (Carlow) - Posts: 166 - 26/11/2011 09:32:36    1075908