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It Starts Again (Club Hurling)

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Agree with you lads... MLR are now in a position that has previously been the preserve
of Eire og and The Blues. Celbridge will be a serious threat to their ambitions and MLR backroom team are shrewd enough to realise that one win is not enough for this panel which is now hungry for success.

I think that Rangers will win and their fighting spirit will be testred to the full.

Lads... what impact do you think the crowd has? Realistically the team itself will not really hear the crowd as their fiocus will be totally on the game. The impact of the crowd is when they are under pressure and need a lift. That is when the crowd is important.

Best of luck to them

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1556 - 12/11/2011 14:25:23    1067711


guys just wondering will this rangers team be more or less our senior county team for next year i would say apart from one or two this will be the county team so lets hope we can put it up against one of hurlings strongest clubs in the country in celbridge as kildare hurling is very strong this will be a test

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 12/11/2011 17:56:08    1067789


---- Apparently, no decision has been made as of now on the crowd capacity in St. Conleths park, if so then a double header is very probable, provided of course Athy win to day.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2187 - 13/11/2011 11:43:43    1067914


Supersub 15 i know health and safety made some stupid recommendation bout newbridge but it hasnt been implemented and hopefully it wont as everyone knows that grounds is well able to accommodate at least 8000. Hope both games are held there next Sunday. Good day out. Only snag i see is ability of that pitch to hold 2 games at this time of year, esp. if weather deteriorates between now and then.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 13/11/2011 17:53:58    1068107


Agree with you there pennypincher, and wouldn't it be a terrible pity if the games were at two seperate venues, they wouldn't do that, would they.?

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2187 - 13/11/2011 21:52:33    1068358


So no double header on Sunday. The hurling on saturday at 2 in Newbridge, and the football on Sunday at 2 at same venue.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1114 - 14/11/2011 13:12:43    1068552


They may as well have played them at two seperate venues, I didn't see that coming.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2187 - 14/11/2011 16:24:46    1068758


Its a bit stupid alrite. I see Parnell Park is having a double header Sunday with Skerries vs Confey in Inter semi at 12.45 and Brigids vs Horeswood in Senior qf after it.

The pitch would be well able to take 2 games in Newbridge too as weather has been generally ok.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1114 - 14/11/2011 16:48:25    1068777


At this stage the fixture is made and from a Rangers point of view they will appreciate a good sod so better to be playing before the football and not second on Sunday! Best wishes to the Rangers. Dont stop now!

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1556 - 14/11/2011 21:58:24    1069087


best of luck to our county senior hurlers on sunday in the intermediate final should be a handy win

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 16/11/2011 20:00:36    1070342


Well said rats, well said. And also to cellbridge the kildare senior champs... Hope its a good game with an mlr win obviously! any chance of you naming them 11 lads rats? i d like to be informed..

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 16/11/2011 21:22:43    1070413


Just like to wish Mount Leinster Rangers the very best of luck on saturday. Hope to see a big carlow crowd there to support them. It would be a great boost for hurling in the county if they could win this. They are well capable of a win here & i think they will. seems to be good steel about them. would be great to see Edward Coady, James Hickey & all those lads who serverd the county so well and who continue to do so get there just reward. Good Luck Lads.

oki (Carlow) - Posts: 38 - 17/11/2011 11:21:34    1070523


best wishes to mlr on sunday carlow most consistent team of last decade numerous finals as both loser and winner have gave some great performance when gone outside the county rattled ballyhale couple years ago good win over danesfort couple years ago have some outstanding hurlers with that bit of class hopefully this will be the year they go on to win leinster although on a side note it will be interesting to see how close the standards are between both championship celbridge did beat wexford team in there semi final so has the makings pf a cracker heres hoping its a cracker with mlr coming out on the right side of the result

ITSCHOLAR (Carlow) - Posts: 260 - 17/11/2011 16:17:59    1070802


old yellar i have lost count of the number of times you have posted here to ignore me yet you keep replying to me.........priceless

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 17/11/2011 18:53:25    1070975


Think it 3 times. U loose count after that many?? i see!

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 17/11/2011 19:23:09    1071001


after adding them up and your still not sure you think it is 3 times you may get out the abacus

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 17/11/2011 21:04:46    1071072


Want to wish MLR the best of luck tomorrow.
will be up there shouting them on.
great club who i think can and will win.
gave us some great entertainment over the last few years agree with oki never let the county down this club hasnt
would be just reward for there service in turning mlr into the hurling force in carlow over the last few years also for the service the club has given to the county.
best of luck guys.

Sportie (Carlow) - Posts: 44 - 18/11/2011 12:36:31    1071329



futyfan (Carlow) - Posts: 60 - 18/11/2011 12:40:55    1071336


Yeah that post certainly is Futyfan.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 18/11/2011 13:08:14    1071360


the final countdown.. best of luck to the rangers. time to put aside the factions and get up to newbridge to support them!

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 18/11/2011 21:27:07    1071764