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It Starts Again (Club Hurling)

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By the way i was right on Bagenalstown too Dualclub.

aragorn1 (Carlow) - Posts: 156 - 13/10/2011 17:47:14    1051537


County: Carlow
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Wont be supporting Myshall anytime soon

myshall would'nt want a person like you supporting them anyway.

thereferee (Carlow) - Posts: 40 - 14/10/2011 18:30:22    1052166


Well done to MLR best team won on the day.It was a cracking game to look at,i felt that after that bit of handbags at the start there was only going to be one winner the rangers were not going to be bullied.Fair play to the older lads ,its hard to keep it going 7 years on the trot in county finals.I felt the critics of these lads got it wrong and id say a lot of clubs would take these lads on board if they retire.I went down to ballymurphy on monday and joined in the celebrations it was a mighty night and day.One thing that nearly every supporter and player that i spoke to said how only for frank foley the 1st day we were dead and buried but when i spoke to him he never once mentioned the 1st day,it was all about the replay.I dont think goalies get the credit they deserve not just frank but all goalies one supporter said he is the one who all the younger lads look up to and just one thing which made it sink in was that when i was talking to him hr said that when his young boy and girl grow up they will definately not be playing in the goal. 2 full forwards is what i have .So well done to the rangers again and hope its not the end of an era for the older members of the panel

Clux (Carlow) - Posts: 72 - 15/10/2011 11:03:42    1052349


any result from the carlow town leinster junior hurling match yet??

ITSCHOLAR (Carlow) - Posts: 260 - 15/10/2011 18:21:49    1052512


Carlow 0-13. maynooth 1-7.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 15/10/2011 18:41:41    1052527


Deserved win for them. Harsh red card after 10 mins nearly scuppered them but rory dunbar frees and a few beauts from cian clancy got them over the line.. Was chatting frank after the game and he was still fired up. A lot of them reckon it was the sweetest of them all.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 15/10/2011 19:34:52    1052556


'rangers were not going to be bullied'

I think this is the second time someone has said this..seriously. Portraying Myshall as bullies, come on. Hurling is a sport of real men, bullying doesn't come into it..and mlr could never be victims of bullying anyway. I've never seen players from any other hurling team so openly jeer the opposition and the crowd as some mlr players did on sunday last! It's ugly to watch, especially with all the young players of the future sitting in the stand, taking it all in. That's not a sign of players who could be 'bullied'.

If this comment is in regards to the row at the start of the county final, I've never seen the Myshall player who was involved in the initial punch up, start a row in my life, let alone try and bully someone on a hurling pitch. So continue to congratulate the mlr team but come back to earth. I'll congratulate the mlr players (those with sportsmanship), but don't insult myshall by suggesting they are bullies. They were the other half of the great game of hurling served up last weekend

4real (Carlow) - Posts: 2 - 15/10/2011 20:21:23    1052584


Who got sent off for The Town?Didnt get to make it to the game.Good win for them today,Kilkenny champions next up in the quarters.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1105 - 15/10/2011 20:54:01    1052597


Can't see them beating the Kilkenny champions but you never know. Well done yesterday.

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1823 - 16/10/2011 12:57:57    1052735


As a spectator i am disappointed at what happened at the start of last Sunday's game. I for one would not describe it as 'handbaga'. It was rough and I am surprised that no action was taken by the officialson duty on the day. For so many players to be so involved in such behaviour is not a good advertisement for the game.

Too many became embroiled in the situation and the amount of shouldering into the back - which can cause damage- was disgraceful. IUts a wonder that so few have commented non this.
I did not pay for thsi 'entertainment' and is a throwback to distant times of the past.

I know that some will ridicule such comments but I cannot see how this does anything positive for the game of hurling or the county.
It will be worth seeing whether or not our disciplinary boards do anthing in response to the 3 minute series of assaults.

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1556 - 16/10/2011 21:48:53    1053086


Well dont MLR Under21 hurlers on winning the chship on Saturday. Their second title in 3 years, great acheivement by players and mentors alike!!

Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 266 - 17/10/2011 13:00:38    1053298


when are our senior hurling champs. playing in the leinster intermediate championship

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 26/10/2011 21:08:30    1059237


our senior champs are playing the intermediate champs from kilkenny this year i just hope for once that we dont let ourselves down for a change you can see why the gaa put our county team back in div.3 so we might be able to compete

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 31/10/2011 17:49:38    1061071


whats ur club rats?

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 31/10/2011 19:44:34    1061138


ballinkillen why

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 31/10/2011 20:56:35    1061186


curious.. why so negative? why waste ur time coming on to slate the county? why not use the broadband u waste coming on here, on downloading something that might bring joy into ur life??

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 31/10/2011 21:26:20    1061207


on the real issue.. a big test for rangers v danesfort. if the can beat them the will win it out i think. will need the forwards to perform and obviously a defence marshalled by paddy hogan - maybe hes still out? will be hard penetrate. richie hogan and murphy aint bad either!

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 31/10/2011 21:35:45    1061213


this is rich coming from the guy who started a post called IM FED UP such a hypocrite

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 31/10/2011 21:45:19    1061221


agh, you sensitive now?

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 31/10/2011 21:49:46    1061229


Best of luck to Mount Leinster Rangers in the semi final on Sunday in Nowlan Park.If they play to there potential there are well capable of making the final again.Game will be a double header with James Stephens V Oulart The Ballagh.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1105 - 01/11/2011 12:34:05    1061352