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Following on from a disappointing summer , antrim co board are organise a development day ,encompassing strategy ...workshops and open discussions about the issue that need to be addressed. what would you bring to the meeting?

I would be intereste din underage structures myself... a lot of clubs are struggling at underage level particular 14/16/18 . Do we need to consider amalgamations like sean Stinsons across the county and the city ?

conair0 (Antrim) - Posts: 45 - 14/08/2013 18:44:11    1461610


I think we have to many small clubs struggling to get on we need to consider the idea of clubs joining together both in terms of numbers and finance but also to raise the standards of our games.In both hurling and football we only have 2 or 3 clubs over the last 15 or more years with a chance of winning the senior championship and there isn't enough teams competing to start with.I think we need to get 16 teams in both codes in senior championship with a combined team from n antrim in football and a combined team from sw antrim in hurling this will help raise interest in both sports in the areas.But the problem in the country area and in some city areas is you would have to join up with your parish rival and this would be hard to do but I do believe there is merit in trying to produce a lot of super clubs throughout the county.

erinsboy (Antrim) - Posts: 14 - 15/08/2013 21:12:48    1462301


Our biggest chance of development is through our schools and colleges. Just read an article about ard scoil rís in limerick city. So basically they were a fairly average hurling school until 10 years ago. They then got the right structures and people in place which led to them being successful and this then helped limerick and clare be successful with many former students playing in todays game. A major factor for the schools success is the "huge external support from the limerick county board". In antrim we've seen huge success in recent years with St Marys CBGS and Cross & Passion but struggled to convert that into minor, under 21 and senior success. Those schools did what they did on their own with no interest from the county board. The county should aim to become more connected with the schools. Perhaps designate st marys to become the countys official hurling school for belfast and cpc the same for north antrim and offer help with coaching etc. The same could be done in football with st marys again in belfast and st louis ballymena for south west antrim.

simmarian12 (Antrim) - Posts: 9 - 18/08/2013 20:51:25    1463567


I hear our county board recently closed down the Casement Social club without permission from the club committee, the club committee took this to court, won, and got the club reopened for another while. After being told to show respect to the club committee our dignified county board responded by vowing never to set foot in the club again. The weekend saw the biggest turnout of club members and locals to Casement Social club in a long time and there wasn't even a match being played at the grounds. A striking reminder, as if we needed one, that change has to come from the top first, because they don't value the county and what the people have to say.

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 19/08/2013 16:00:23    1464016


I posted this back in July, I still believe this would be a good start

I don't believe there is a quick fix to Antrim's problems. I don't believe we have anyone in Antrim GAA with the strategy or leadership credentials to set the county on the path to recovery. I believe we need to look at the county as a business, and those on the county board should be the business men or women who manage the business side of things thus letting those with sporting talent and ability to focus on their talent, knowing that the support and resources they require will be there.

galled (Antrim) - Posts: 251 - 19/08/2013 19:52:14    1464212


We in Antrim have to change ,the days of leaving kids on the side line are gone and so are the kids ,numbers in belfast are critical half the clubs not fielding at minor ,we need to change radically in schools clubs and especially in the county board .We need and its been said before to follow what has been a massive success in rugby where players if they want to move up to county standard have to move to clubs with the coaching and facilities needed to bring on their talents if we can achieve some success we will attract kids to the game smaller clubs I think should be run as juvenile clubs looking after kids up to under 16 ,agree or not something needs to be done .

rman (Antrim) - Posts: 102 - 20/08/2013 10:05:01    1464358


The development day is about the county not the clubs.
If we follow the setup of other counties such as KK or Dublin it would bring us on greatly.
Dev Squads up to U16 should be on a divisional basis and the training should take place at the same time and be designed around parents and mentors so that as many young lads turn up.
NA DS U14 in Cushendall, U15 in Cushendall and U16 in Glenarriffe OR U14 and U15 in Loughgiel and U16 in Cloughmills
SWA U14 & U15 at Randalstown, U16 Creggan AND SA U14 & U15 Falls Park, U16 Corrigan Park
This would allow a mentor from say Ballycastle to take a minibus to one area and drop off all the lads rather than four or five cars heading to different locations. By have 3 Divisions the fuel cost would be reduced, parents would not be put off by long hours on the road, etc. Mentors for the Divisional DS would probably be more apt to give their time for the same reasons (less travelling).
To form the County DS at each level matches between the Divisional Squads would precede the choosing of players and no one would be ruled out or in. Teams would be based on the performance at the preceding match Divisional matches so if you performed badly in May it would not rule you out for a tournament in August.
Tea/Coffee should be laid on for parents at the Divisional Squad Training Sessions as it would be seen as give back something to the parents for their commitment.

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 341 - 20/08/2013 16:12:49    1464490