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Naomh Eoin u21 hurling champions

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I would like to congratulate St johns on their great win last night in the Antrim u21hurling championship,I have to say they are a great bunch of lads and have done not only their club but their families proud .Rarely do we see a bunch of young men reach a height at such an early stage but they are talented and gifted and the future could hold great things for them in their sporting and working careers, hopefully going on to represent Antrim and achieving the same results in their county career.
No little praise can be given to their management and club to now have minor hurling and football trophies and the same at u21 is I think unprecedented showing such dedication and hard work never mind the financial costs involved in this day is quite staggering .I personally hope they go on to represent St Johns at senior level with the same results and respect received by St Galls only this time maybe in both codes something they say cant be done .
Finally I would like to acknowledge the great game put in by Ballycastle last night as they have some wonderful talent in their squad and we all no to well how they will progress over the next couple of years to become a major force again in Antrim.

rman (Antrim) - Posts: 102 - 15/06/2013 13:15:01    1407200


Would also like to say congratulations, unbelievable TEAM, they give it their all and work hard for each other. Great to see. Some brilliant players coming through, the likes of the Johnston brothers,C Morgan, Dudley, Quinn and nugents are excellent players and will have a great future for both club and county, great to see talent in both sides, Saul, mcafee, Clarke and Matthew Donnelly just show antrim hurling has a bright future. Yet again congrats.

inoall (Antrim) - Posts: 28 - 15/06/2013 17:58:34    1407346


A well deserved win by St John's after an excellent team performance. Matty Donnelly's injury mid-way through the first half was a big blow to the town and forced a reorganisation which seemed to upset their rhythm, but I don't think anyone could dispute that St John's were by far the better team on the night. Some great talent on show and I look forward to Ciaran Clarke and Conor Johnston lining out in the forward line for Antrim seniors in the coming years.

bredaghman (Down) - Posts: 98 - 15/06/2013 19:04:53    1407379


Like to say a big well done to St. John's on there win last nite great team performance I think if Ballycastle wud have tried to hurl rather than try provoke the johnnies they mite have been closer on winning the team that wanted to hurl did so and did it in great manner.....also to the referee thought he had a great game well done

Orra.mountain1 (Antrim) - Posts: 15 - 15/06/2013 20:00:02    1407419