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Antrim minors (hurling) failure to field ?

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read in irish news that antrim minor hurlers failed to field against down last week .. is this true ? if so why ?
antrim website had match as off so why are people stating antrim didnt field .
ask this question on the antrim website but they have refused to post my question which makes me think there is more to it ??
can anyone shed any light

redmick (Antrim) - Posts: 92 - 26/04/2013 16:17:00    1374457


Antrim beat down 4 or 5 weeks ago in st endas they had a big squad then and also a good few handy players so it was a shock to us aswell when they couldnt field

galget1967 (Down) - Posts: 131 - 28/04/2013 11:38:57    1374965


Was mainly an u17 team that beat down, with a lot of older minors not playing as u17s were playing the ulster league and minors playing in the leinster league. I wonder if this has any part to play in it?

saffman (Antrim) - Posts: 21 - 28/04/2013 19:22:38    1375223


Down also had players away for the ulster team but you would think antrim could still find 15 or so players who would like to play in a league final match???

galget1967 (Down) - Posts: 131 - 29/04/2013 08:21:56    1375329


our players would play a match every day if they were allowed. accountability is everything, but certainly not to our 'untouchable' county board, everyone else is stupid you see!

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 29/04/2013 12:57:19    1375485


I heard the reason for the minors not fielding was as a result of the manager not having the backing of the county board regarding expenses hence he couldn't give his time to a the cause. Times are difficult at the moment and the manager of the minors was in my opinion the right man for the job and should have been given adequate remuneration for his inconvenience although others may see it differently.

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 329 - 02/05/2013 16:28:22    1377836


I was told the Antrim players were told the game was off.

the_guvner (Down) - Posts: 318 - 02/05/2013 16:31:08    1377842