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McKenna Cup Final 2016

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Tyrone 0-15 Derry 1-13 Mckenna

Well, well how are my friends in Tyrone? Oh how the mighty has fallen... after holding on to the McKenna Cup for several years they have let slip to a Derry team that is trying to regroup under new management.

So does this spell as a bad omen for the redhanders in 2016? Maybe...but last week I heard that Fermanagh had to against both the referee and Tyrone otherwise the story could have been so different.

Anyway I miss the craic down that I'm down under but I don't miss the Irish weather!

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1383 - 23/01/2016 21:47:24    1818691


Must be some time delay down under!

tyghan_exile (Tyrone) - Posts: 20 - 23/01/2016 21:59:48    1818697


How funny - not only does IrvinestownMkII look like a fool but it also demonstrates his hatred of Tyrone - I'm sure Tyrone fans don't have a mutual distaste of Fermanagh - they wouldn't even appear on their radar. I suggest he follows the Aussie rules and stay where he is. Numty.

IrishGael3 (USA) - Posts: 1084 - 25/01/2016 11:48:43    1818975


I doubt we'll ever see another post from him again. How can he possibly come back from that. LOL.

lasttoknow (Tyrone) - Posts: 98 - 25/01/2016 12:33:25    1819007


How stupid must the Fermanagh man feel??

orange and blue (Tyrone) - Posts: 1079 - 25/01/2016 16:17:21    1819132


as has been said before he is someone who has had a chip on his shoulder since birth as his parents decided to live in irvinestown instead of trillick or dromore. it wont be the last we will see of him as no doubt if Tyrone loose a game we will hear it again. Funniest post i have seen for a while mind you

rahillyman (Tyrone) - Posts: 313 - 25/01/2016 19:52:01    1819204


The Fermanaghman must have put his clock back on the wrong night ha ha.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 26/01/2016 21:16:51    1819554