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Great day for Wicklow GAA

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Great win, great heart and passion. JP Dalton and Hayden were good, Stafford was immense, Walsh was great until the clotheshanger, Hyland was super, O'Hannaidh was good, Glynn was superb, Seanie is coming back to form, Hannon needs to be talked to and reassured that he is as good as he is. I like the look of McGrath and Kelly in the backs and Earls should be in a duracell ad.
However - and not to take the slightest whisker from the Wicklow performance but does anyone agree that Fermanagh were pretty poor all over the field?
Wicklow can take Cavan but it will need another savage effort. It should be packed down there this Saturday - get there early Gaels!!!

TurnipHead (Wicklow) - Posts: 35 - 06/07/2009 14:13:57    334038


To the diminishing band of begrudgers; on Saturday we witnessed the Micko dividend. 15 men, then 13 (not all from Senior Clubs) giving 100% for jersey and county. It's not about pasta versus bacon & sausages!. It's about finding the best footballers, and thanks to the parish rule this means looking in each parish. Then instilling a sense of pride in them. Micko has done this and we should be grateful to him. Onwards and upwards.

ExiledinSpain (Wicklow) - Posts: 14 - 06/07/2009 14:14:58    334045


A good win on Saturday certainly and not unexpected. In fairness though it has to be said that is a poor Fermanagh team, not a patch on last season. In 9 league and championship games this year they only one win.

Mind you on Antrim form Cavan are no world beaters either. There seems to be a general levelling off in standards this year but in my view it is more a case of others disimproving than necessarily us improving.

Pat Mustard (None) - Posts: 308 - 06/07/2009 22:22:27    334956


Some things never change with you mustard, always goin on with rubbish, just be happy with the performance on saturday and get behind your team.

SamMaguire10 (UK) - Posts: 103 - 07/07/2009 09:43:03    335227


Good man Mustard, not even the slightest well done to a 13 man team that gave absolutely everything they had in the tank. Id say wicklow winning that game must have really sickened you, I really do. You must have left aughrim disgusted because you more than anyone else loves nothing more than coming on here running down the lads and saying I told so.

Granted you may think fermanagh have taken a step back but still no chance of you saying well done to the lads for the enourmous effort they had to put in. You really are the furthest thing from a wicklow supporter you can get. You are one bitter man and even more so now that your county actually performed brilliantly. If wicklow loose you blame Micko and when they win you blame the quality of oppistion. Get over yourself will ya.

Concept82 (Wicklow) - Posts: 439 - 07/07/2009 11:35:07    335341


you're entitled to your opinion Pat Mustard but it is a bit odd not to give Wicklow credit for Saturday's win, what about the way we moved
the ball and were creative in attack, JP's fisted point as an example? I'd also like to see how a team that hasn't disimproved cope against
Stafford and Walsh, I for one dont think we should be getting carried away or complacent but the run we are on now should be a massive boost
to the development of the intercounty squad for years to come, did you see how many children were at the game? one little lad beside me knew all the
names and was really excited when we won

colinp (Wicklow) - Posts: 40 - 07/07/2009 13:31:21    335555


In fairness to Mustard Fermanagh came down to Aughrim in drips and drabs. Nevertheless a wins a win and its another feather in Wicklows cap. Cavan will be a different proposition. We will need to be shock tight in defence again and when we have our foot on their neck we need to keep it there.
By the way does anyone know if there are any big lads from Carnew on the squad?

HangSangwhich (Wexford) - Posts: 16 - 07/07/2009 13:42:20    335572


Brian Osborne is the only Carnew lad in the squad. Under 21 centre back. Very tidy footballer and strong.

Southern Dandy (Wicklow) - Posts: 789 - 07/07/2009 20:00:57    336172


Great win for Wicklow and not the worst draw in the next round. Don't think Odlum will be available as I believe he broke his hand in the Fermanagh match, fair play to him for playing on through it as a broken hand is quite sore!
How long did Walsh get does anyone know he will be a massive loss!

magpie11 (Wicklow) - Posts: 143 - 07/07/2009 20:03:22    336173


Magpie - Walsh will be playing on Saturday night. He only got 2 yellow cards last Sat night. So we will have a full compliment of players. Bring on the Breffni into the Den!

wwfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 108 - 08/07/2009 08:45:04    336774


Dean Odlum has a broken arm. he broke it in the match but only realised it was actually broken the next day. He'll be a big loss. I thought he was excellent on Saturday.

Who will replace him? John McGrath? i think Hannon should be replaced with Rory nolan.

thehitman (Wicklow) - Posts: 5 - 08/07/2009 09:58:25    336830


mick o'dwyer is one of the greatest servants of the GAA congrats 2 him and hoping they beat cavan!

FermanaghMan09 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 85 - 08/07/2009 14:06:41    337231


There is a chance Dean Odlum will play. His arm is only badly bruised.

NPN (Wicklow) - Posts: 11 - 08/07/2009 14:52:48    337335


Odlums arm isn't broken, apparently the hospital got it wrong, heard it was a sprain/bruising

chark (Wicklow) - Posts: 10 - 08/07/2009 16:42:18    337544


IS IT TRUE ? Young Tommy Kelly , the St.Pats player is been added to the Senior Panel for Saturday & apparently will be included in the Line up at some stage during the Cavan game.. Surley, this is a rubbish idea , what will the other players on the Panel think/say after all the effort that they put in over the long winter months of training. What can young Kelly offer to the Senior team , as an 18 yr.old Minor !!! I hope that the information above is untrue !!

forcus (Wicklow) - Posts: 279 - 08/07/2009 17:52:40    337685


Forcus he might have been added as a few lads have been brought in the last few weeks. Im not sure if Tommy is on the panel or not but I doubt he will be used Saturday! Robert Lambert and Mark Kenny have been involved the last few weeks (also young lads) but as we know not used last Saturday! I'd say the idea of calling them up is to get them involved for future years!

Southern Dandy (Wicklow) - Posts: 789 - 08/07/2009 18:48:41    337763


Yes heard today that Walsh received 2 yellows had heard it was said on the radio it was a straight red? Couldn't make the match, was talking to Odlum today and he said the hand is sprained and he will be available on Saturday, hoping to make the trip to Aughrim myself couldn't make it last week.
Hopefully will be a full house!! The lads have done very well this year they deserve all the support they can get.

magpie11 (Wicklow) - Posts: 143 - 08/07/2009 18:57:10    337778