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Well that's a lot of the problem aswel, the county board fixing games in February makes teams start training in January which is ridiculous When the championship doesn't start until June. Teams should start trainin at the beginning of march and league starts in april,.

wd45 (Westmeath) - Posts:156 - 15/03/2017 15:59:33   1967326


Replying To ondeball:  "Completely disagree with you.
As a player, there is nothing more depressing than having to play a league game after you have been knocked out of the championship.
Last year when games are played in October - there is no interest and teams are not fielding.

All clubs are back training at the start of January so what is wrong with trying to play league games in February on the hope that pitches will be playable?

We are not directly comparable to most counties as our championship is operated on a league basis with a minimum of 5 games. Therefore it makes complete sense to have the league finished before championship."
Most clubs are out of the championship by mid or late August! Where will lads go? Astro turf soccer
If the leagues were actually finished, there'd be the chance if a final for som a clubs. Other clubs are meant to play Feis Cup knockout then but that competition is never run off.
There are three competitions in the county for clubs, it's not the club's fault if they aren't finished

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