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I would not describe a club as successful when they have not won any under age premier competition in the last fifty years. The stretch from Baylin to Mount Temple is mainly bog. Baylin School attracts students from outside the Caulry catchment area. However Caulry will always field a team in any grade, I will give they credit for fulfilling fixtures. Maybe that could be described as being successful."
I wouldn't count success as winning trophies.
In that case most clubs are very unsuccessful

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Caulry have a huge pick an awful lot of houses in mount temple and Baylin 2 national schools and literally have a big enough catchment area than Moate by a country mile a lot bigger then Rosemount and Castledaly too. No housing estates in Rosemount and a very small one in Castledaly but both are holding there own never really hear of either winning finals but have contested since joining together and Rosemount are up and coming and Castledaly have done very well for a small rural club theve been senior for quite sometime now both teams are young enough too especially Rosemount so even tough they might not win much underage these 3 clubs are still producing a few players to senior level to keep going. Maryland are struggling big time number wise over the last 10 years Moate have been very successful underage winning various titles including back to back minor A and an u21 A, Athlone,Lomans,Caulry have all had good teams due to population alone but you'd have to say most underage success has gone to The Downs Moate and Shandonagh they'd be my 3 if I was to guess who would be strong at each age group atm

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