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Just wanted to get some feedback from Tyrone posters on their counties hurlers, thought this would be the best place.
The fortunes of Tyrone's hurlers appear to have been on a pretty significant curve over the last few years. Since 2012, they have achieved the following:

-Lory Meaghar champions
-Division 3b champions
-Promotion to 3a
-Nicky Rackard Champions
-Division 3a champions

Tomorrow, they play Roscommon in a Nicky Rackard semi, I fancy them to come through. If they win the Nicky Rackard this year, they'll be the first county to win back to back Nicky Rackards. From the outside looking in, this all seems like substantial progress. I guess my question is, for Tyrone posters, is this progress indicative of improving standards in the county at all grades (in hurling)? How far can this Tyrone team go?

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts: 1733 - 22/05/2015 20:04:17    1727256


Bugger. Tyrone lost out narrowly to Roscommon today in the Nicky Rackard semi, that's a pity. Still, I hope they're progress continues next year.
Tyrone really should be included in the Ulster SHC as well, they've earned that right.

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts: 1733 - 23/05/2015 18:07:51    1727447


making great strides without question, and probably do deserve a shout at the ulster SHC but it will get to the stage where they reach a plateau unless the club scene is sorted, whether that be numbers/interest etc...

gaelscout (Tyrone) - Posts: 16 - 25/05/2015 09:49:42    1727952


The general standard of skill and speed of play has improved year on year both at County level and the clubs. Unfortunately there are only 5 adult clubs with 2 being at a good Tipp intermediate level. This can't sustain a County team and when fatigue and injuries creep in then the resources are stretched. Tyrone played 12 games in 13 weeks with about 10 of these being at Championship pace.

Underage have a few extra clubs but the same applies here. Skill level is improving but basically only two clubs are competing at any level. The Dungannon club won the Feile last Saturday. The final ended at half time with the score standing at 12.10 to no score. That shows the standard of the other clubs when the second best team were beaten like that, playing with the breeze, in a 15 minute half.

In saying that, the Feile scoreline shouldn't take away from what is a great Dungannon U14 team. They travel to Tipperary this weekend for a big Grade A tournament in Moycarkey Borris so it will be interesting to see how they can compete with these other teams from Waterford, Tipp, Cork, Kildare and Kilkenny.

26plus6equals1 (Tyrone) - Posts: 430 - 26/05/2015 10:30:32    1728452


Great article in todays Irish News from Kenny Archer. Says it all about the GAA running off the hurling so quickly to get it out of the road

26plus6equals1 (Tyrone) - Posts: 430 - 27/05/2015 13:11:03    1729049