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Not as bad as it looks....

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It's interesting that Tyrone were the closest to Donegal this year and their players have said it was their hardest match this year. Could it be the evaluation of the current Tyrone team has been a bit harsh.

Donegal were by far the best team in Ireland this year and Tyrone had a decent year besides the Kerry match which was a very strange tie.

HokeyPokey (Tyrone) - Posts: 1707 - 25/09/2012 16:16:05    1272568


I think it's fairly obvious Tyrone are quite a way behind Donegal, Dublin, Mayo, Cork and even Kildare physically. Mickey Harte is a great manager, Tyrone have great players and a great pick but I really believe it's time they invested some of their time into the S+C aspect of things, I'm not saying that will result in success, Kildare are the obvious example out of the teams I named but there is a very good reason why every year since 2008 player injuries decimate Tyrone. Not all the training of a team has to be done on the pitch, it's maybe time for a rethink in how the county structure their training and methods.

GetOverTheBar (Tyrone) - Posts: 1388 - 25/09/2012 19:33:39    1272769


it may not be as bad as it looks my ass. how about the over reliance on small forwards the lack of a ball winning midfield. no apparent kick out strategy a fullbackline that has more holes in it than edam cheese. a warm up routine that would be more at home in duffys circus. a continued over reliance on son and mugsy and club tyrone on its knees yeah things are not too bad. take your red coloured glasses off and smell the coffee it is as bad as it looks. changes needed.

weebox (Tyrone) - Posts: 272 - 25/09/2012 21:43:40    1272883


It's good that Tyrone are in division one of the league and it is priority not to get relegated. Dispite losing narrowly to Donegal over the last two years Donegal are a good bit ahead of Tyrone and I can not see them closing that gap in 2013. Cork, Dublin, Kerry and Mayo would also be ahead of Tyrone and a good championship run to the quarter finals would be about the best to expect.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1607 - 27/09/2012 13:35:40    1273724


I agree with the original poster.
Tyrone were very unlucky this year. A brilliant league campaign which resulted in div 1 football this year (this cannot be overlooked).
Ye were very unlucky with injuries and had these players been available ye would possibly have beat the current All Ireland Champions.

This year ye blooded alot of new players and this will definately stand to ye next year. The big midfielder and kick out strategy is definately something to look at. I dont really rate Colm Cavanagh.

Things arent that bad but tyrone are use to winning so I except that 5th best isnt an option.
Keep the heads held high and I hope to meet ye next year for round 3 (I know the gaa wasnt founded in 2011 but thats what im calling it anyway - Dont want to think of the bad times)

dstuction (Donegal) - Posts: 1208 - 04/10/2012 09:03:18    1277627