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In decline since 2005...what now for Tyrone?

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First of all I wish to commiserate with by friends in Tyrone after yesterday's humiliating defeat at the hands of the boys from the Kingdom. Many Tyrone supporters feel let down by their team especially after the latest shattering defeat which added to their misery in Gaelic football championships since they were the so called Sam winners back all those years ago, in 2005. Then they won by default after being booted out of the Ulster Championship and had to rely on a losers route to success.

Already there is call from Tyrone supporters for heads to roll and here are just a few…

21/07/2012 19:56:12
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1224526 it always seems to be the managers fault in these situations?.. what would any other manager have done?. what happened today was down to the players lack of effort, theyd rather row than play football!

21/07/2012 21:43:05
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1224673 today had nothing to do with mickey harte and certainly not down to a lack of effort from players. we just arent dining at the top table anymore and havent been since 2008. Peter Harte has never turned up in any big game yet eg twice against donegal, last year in dublin and today again. at this moment in time we dont have an all ireland team in the county unless we unearth gems. what we do have is solid hardworking county players but we dont have the icing like peter canavan, a young stevie o neill, a brian dooher. maybe they are there but i havent seen them, not in division one anyway. dont despair though as despite today there still arent that many ahead of us. still only a handful id say

22/07/2012 09:07:26
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1224726 I think people need to take a reality check. We were playing Kerry in their back yard and were missing Cavanagh, ONeill, Coney, McNabb, McMahon and Quinn, all of whom would have been probable starters if fit. If you add in that Jordan, McGinley, Hughes, Dooher, Mellon, Gourley etc have all retired (and nearly all are capable of still playing county football), there is a serious drain on available talent.
22/07/2012 09:35:08
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1224753 Since 2009 we have been beaten by Cork, Dublin, Donegal and Kerry. That shows were we are at and it will be a slow process over the next few years to get young players through. There is a long way to go before we are competing at the last four stage again. Mickey Harte will be able for this job as well as anybody I can think off. Its not just Tyrone either in Ulster alone Armagh, Derry, Monaghan and Down all face rebuilding.

22/07/2012 10:59:54
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1224820 As a neutral point of view i honestly have to highest respect for mickey harte and i do feel its time for him to walk away now. I feel his time has come. He has done so much for tyrone gaa over the last few years and think time is right now to depart...

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1383 - 22/07/2012 11:38:50    1224859


So Pat Spillane's predictions were correct after all! Even long before the qualifier draw, Spillane said Tyrone were a stale team and the "blue mole" had already developing suggesting a team that was time to throw out of the championship larder! So to remind all what happened to tyrone:

Kerry 1-16 Tyrone 1-06

Kerry scored a long-awaited win over fierce rivals Tyrone in Killarney, where they returned to form with a massive 1-16 to 1-06 All-Ireland SFC qualifier success.

The Kingdom never looked like losing this one in front of their own fans in Killarney, where a crowd of 24,370 watched a tense, rancorous contest which produced 16 yellow cards and a red for Tyrone's Brian McGuigan.

Kieran Donaghy's second half goal was the crucial score that set the hosts side on their way and extended an unbeaten Championship run at home to 24 games, stretching back to 1995.

Kerry made a bright start with a couple of superb early points from Declan O'Sullivan and Colm Cooper.

Colm Cavanagh sidestepped his marker to slice over Tyrone's opening score, but that was cancelled out by a Bryan Sheehan free.

Full-back Conor Clarke pressed forward to thump over a Tyrone point, and by the 20th minute, with skirmishes breaking out all over the field, referee David Coldrick had handed out seven yellow cards - four of them to Tyrone players.

But with Anthony Maher winning primary possession at midfield and Tomás Ó Sé pushing forward from the back, Kerry stepped it up in the second quarter by hitting five points on the spin, with O'Sullivan and Cooper both adding stylish efforts.

Paul Galvin was also on target as the Kingdom moved into a 0-08 to 0-02 lead, but the Red Hands reorganised with a handful of substitutions, and pulled back a couple of late points.

Darren McCurry, a pre-match replacement for injured skipper Stephen O'Neill, slotted a point, before Martin Penrose converted a free.

Kerry led by 0-08 to 0-04 at the interval, and stretched their lead to five through Declan O'Sullivan before Tyrone grabbed a fortuitous 43rd minute goal.

Conor Gormley sent Joe McMahon clear, and the latter's shot was parried by goalkeeper Brendan Kealy, but the ball deflected into the net off Gormley.

But Kerry had a goal of their own just three minutes later. Cooper and Sheehan combined on the right wing, with the latter's cross punched to the net by Donaghy at the far post.

That was the turning point. The Kingdom turned on the power, and outscored their opponents by six points to one in the closing 25 minutes, playing some delightful football along the way.

Sean O'Neill did pull back a Tyrone point, but his 47th minute score was Tyrone's last.

James O'Donoghue finished off a move involving Cooper and Donaghy, before substitute Darran O'Sullivan set up another for the 'Gooch'.

And Tyrone went down to 14 men in the 56th minute when Brian McGuigan received a straight red card following a clash with Declan O'Sullivan, just seconds after entering the action.

Cooper and Donaghy were by now rampant, and finished the Red Hands off with another volley of scores.

Kerry scorers: K Donaghy 1-01, C Cooper 0-05 (1f), B Sheehan (0-3f), Declan O'Sullivan 0-03 each, James O'Donoghue 0-02, P Galvin, P Curtin 0-01 each.

Tyrone scorers: C Gormley 1-00, M Penrose (f), D McCurry, C Cavanagh, Sean O'Neill, C Clarke, A Cassidy 0-01 each.

WestRules (Galway) - Posts: 251 - 22/07/2012 12:24:24    1224902


This coming from Galway and Fermanagh. Cheers lads for cheering me up this morning

HighStoolBandit (Tyrone) - Posts: 74 - 22/07/2012 12:55:58    1224930


ha ha irvinstown man we hav a future as our tyrone minor team proved dat 2day t clones!!!!

Up4it. (Tyrone) - Posts: 190 - 22/07/2012 17:58:29    1224970


since 2005? Where you in a coma in 2008??

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 22/07/2012 19:39:37    1225103


Lads pay no attention to the wum brigade. Proud of our minors today and our seniors who no doubt will be back challenging
Again in the near future. Tir eoghain abu

ta32 (Tyrone) - Posts: 4901 - 22/07/2012 20:33:07    1225183


Fermanagh, a county in decline since 1884!

brendtheredhand (Tyrone) - Posts: 10897 - 23/07/2012 12:18:36    1225731


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Fermanagh, a county in decline since 1884!

your wrong ! Fermanagh never we're on the rise to begin with....................... Tick! Tock!

fortyfive (Tyrone) - Posts: 5929 - 23/07/2012 16:04:25    1226295


Tyrone team 2013:
1. Pascal McConnell
2. Aidan McCrory
3. Conor Clarke
4. PJ Quinn
5. Niall Sludden
6. Peter Harte
7. Ronan McNabb
8. Niall McKenna
9. Sean Cavanagh
10. Matthew Donnelly
11. Martin Penrose
12. Joe McMahon
13. Darren McCurry
14. Kyle Coney
15. Ronan O'Neill

I feel this would be a competitve team that could push on to the last 4 at least if all stay fit and play to their potential

tyronelegend (Tyrone) - Posts: 270 - 23/07/2012 18:30:55    1226567


23/07/2012 12:18:36
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1225731 Fermanagh, a county in decline since 1884!
23/07/2012 16:04:25
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1226295 brendtheredhand
County: Tyrone
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Fermanagh, a county in decline since 1884!

your wrong ! Fermanagh never we're on the rise to begin with....................... Tick! Tock!

Right guys just to remind you that Fermanagh were in the All Ireland Championship semi-fnal of 2004 and only were stopped progressing to the final with Kerry after a replay with Mayo.

Coa_gael (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1156 - 23/07/2012 19:38:00    1226664


County: Fermanagh

Well big fella that's the difference. We don't bum and blow about getting to the Quarter-Final!

wise_guy (Tyrone) - Posts: 1584 - 25/07/2012 11:48:59    1228412


Tyrone legend, is there no room for Mark Donnelly. He was Tyrone best forward all year.

carmenabu (None) - Posts: 149 - 27/07/2012 16:19:40    1230753


he was nowhere to be seen in killarney on saturday carmenabu, like too many of our forwards at the minute takes the ball into contact too often, hes not the only one but certainly its a general problem i noticed this year, the best teams in the country dont do it

passerby (Tyrone) - Posts: 724 - 29/07/2012 19:46:25    1232782


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I agree with your forward selection, i would have no place for Mulligan aswell. The lad seems to have no fight in him anymore or maybe its just the legs have gone.

cacsmckilly (Tyrone) - Posts: 1292 - 30/07/2012 12:11:39    1233333


no need for the snide remarks lads. meath put your minors back in place and galway i might add are a much more successful GAA county than Tyrone will ever be. you are on the slippery slope so enjoy being the next "meath" for a long time to come. It's a long road back to the top and as you can see it isn't an easy one.

County: Tyrone
This coming from Galway and Fermanagh. Cheers lads for cheering me up this morning

County: Tyrone
ha ha irvinstown man we hav a future as our tyrone minor team proved dat 2day t clones!!!!

BettystownRoyal (Meath) - Posts: 3353 - 05/09/2012 11:20:26    1259635