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In Div 3, Sligo will face, Longford & Offaly (promoted from D4), Westmeath & Kildare (relegated from D2) and Clare, Limerick & Tipperary. Kildare will be favs I expect to top group with Sligo & Tipperary fighting for runners up. Promotion is priority for next season

salmoneile (Sligo) - Posts: 65 - 02/08/2015 10:31:08    1762270


Promotion is obviously the target but unless a serious analysis of this years campaign is undertaken and lessons learned then we could well be still residents of Div 3 this time next year. As things stand what we know is we can score and create scoring chances but we cannot defend in any meaningful way.Apart from the Mayo game we have not conceded many goals but do a tot on points conceded and were not at the races. All points to players tracking back to mass around the D thus allowing easy point taking chances for opposing teams.Last two matches starkly showed how evident this is.In truth no half back line presence ,no midfield presence and in general no physical presence throughout the team. The modern game is all about power and only Ross Donovan and Pat Hughes of the current squad carry any physical threat or can withstand abuse and still play. Many others who often dish it out in club football against weaker opponents hide on the big stage and this was very notable in our last two games. While physique is very important the most important element is mind and attitude and sadly for too long Sligo has failed in this department. So to embark on the National League next year with a realistic hope of achieving promotion a lot of the 'laize faire' attitude will have to be set aside by management ,players and County Board and be replaced with a mindset of determination, meanness and aggression. Nothing less and we will be standing still.

Maggiepie (Sligo) - Posts: 204 - 02/08/2015 18:52:18    1762643


Agree totally with maggiepie. Sligo must now crap or get off the pot. To be fair after watching Kildare, galway and Fermanagh, its clear that division 1 is where its at. We beat Roscommon and the media still rate Roscommon far higher than us all because they are now division one. It seems a no brainer that league is now serious priority. Championship will look after itself. STEEL is needed now in sligo and no team should be allowed run through us. On a positive the team is young and with a bit of better shooting could have gotten within a score of Tyrone. Ross was immense. Thank you Kildare for taking a bigger hit than us today. Let's be honest that what that team had to recover from after CF should not be underestimated. Personally I thought they did well yesterday but the game seemed very loose and management must sort that out.

Tradmyass (Sligo) - Posts: 14 - 02/08/2015 19:54:42    1762710


I can't see why we shouldn't beat all of the teams in Division 3 to be honest. We will beat all of them quite handily in fact.

farmer2 (Sligo) - Posts: 440 - 22/11/2015 21:28:31    1809105