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Does anyone know anything that is happening in the club championships? I hear its been brought forward, then some people tell me it is not been brough forward. When the fixtures came out ath the start of the year I booked a holiday for last two weeks in July as I wanted to stay around for the league and not miss any games and get league semi finals / finals in if our club made it and be back a week before championship. Now this is up in the air and my club manager does not even know when its on, he has asked county board officals and they do not know. For the love of god, is it that difficult to inform club managers about this so they can inform players?

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 18/06/2013 12:04:28    1409700


Can't start on 10th of august as juniors playing in all-Ireland semi ... Heard it's starting on 21st June...???

castlefeth (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 18/06/2013 17:26:28    1410089



john.no1 (Sligo) - Posts: 456 - 18/06/2013 19:06:02    1410197


July sorry...

castlefeth (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 20/06/2013 09:56:03    1411236


Fair enough but when are they going to let clubs know this? If i don't know by next week i will lose my money on the holiday.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 20/06/2013 12:36:58    1411405


Co Board meeting on Tuesday night. Vote will be taken then on what dates to go ahead with.

A number of clubs quite vocal about not playing games any earlier - young players in USA had returns planned for weekend of the 10th.

One high-profile senior club have made noises about withdrawing from the Championship if it were to happen

black&white (Sligo) - Posts: 1628 - 01/07/2013 10:04:05    1419939


I would say we might be the only county in the country that has not played Championship. Even Donegal the all ireland champions have played some group games, same in Mayo, Leitrim & Roscommon. So if we don't play our first round game on the 27th July, we will have the first round on the 17th August. The juniors play Kildare on the 10th August and if they win play the final on the 24th which would mean that we lose another weekend and play off games would not be till Sept. What happens if some play off game is drawn after extra time and we lose another weekend? You have a team that plays a play off game, quarter final, semi final and final in 4 weeks. It is crazy i know but it could happen, there is always one game that goes to a draw and replay and dont' think you can be relegated on points difference.

Can anyone tell me why we cannot play games on the bank holiday weekend? Apparently its some golden rule that they are no games that weekend which with the tight timeline we are in is crazy.

Obviously the club that are talking about pulling out are Curry - You telling me that the defending county champions would pull out of the competition?

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 01/07/2013 15:04:15    1420587


If it does not change this year, it will have to change soon. It is clear that the way we are doing things at the moment is not fair on wither the clubs or players and that it is doing county football no good either so something new must be tried.

sligeachfear (Sligo) - Posts: 8 - 01/07/2013 15:16:59    1420614


Would it not make sense to have a meeting in the county with club managers in the county attend. If managers did not attend, they should not be complaining at the end of the year? What could be discussed is availabity of county players, format of championship, dates etc.
It could be held a few weeks before fixtures are ratified. What really gets to me is that every club knew the dates for the championship and have said nothing about moving it forward till a month before the championship. Are club delegates going to meetings for a wee nap and then heading out for a few beers after wards?

Whats going on at these meetings?

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 01/07/2013 15:30:31    1420641


Obvious here that a lot of comments have no idea how it all works.

The clubs and the exec of co bd voted on the master calendar of fixtures back in February or was it a special meeting in early March. Club managers and players (who are the most important element in this) then made their plans for the coming year , whether they be training plans, weekend away, challenges and holidays/families.

The August bank holiday issue was agreed on about 4-5 yrs ago as with it being in the middle of the builders hols (and a large number of the larger multinationals in the west), these lads had no say on when their hols should be and thus were being put in very awkward positions, club v family v job. Good decision imo

I believe the system we have in Sligo is the best around (and I am no cheerleader for the co bd this gang or previous). In Mayo they have played 2 champ and 3 lg games at the moment. Leitrim it is 2 champ and 4 league games. Club players in these cos are not happy.

The issue here is the fixtures sec and some of the exec of the co bd want to change the date of the champ from Aug 10 to July??. Well that is not on in my opinion. This was pointed out last Feb but (and I can understand why) if Sligo had beat London they would have been playing at least in 2 weeks time (like Leitrim now) and if they had made it to conn final would have been playing all through July so the decision was made as all you would have had was club games called off. The co bd need money and that is the whole thing behind this. It is a disgrace how this has been handled and the way players and clubs have been told anything which is nothing. It has been all rumour and innuendo.

Also I believe it can't be changed without 2/3 vote in favour.

Retain Aug10 is my belief and that of my club

overinthewest (Sligo) - Posts: 119 - 02/07/2013 11:19:02    1421340


fair enough overinthewest but wont be able to play on the 10th August as sligo juniors are playing all ireland semi this weekend. Will be interesting to see if club managers will allow their players to play in this if they are out the following weekend in club championship.

Play the bank holiday weekend would be my thoughts just frees another weekend. If sligo juniors win semi or there is a play off then we will see plenty of players on this forum complaining of playing every weekend for 3-4 weeks.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 02/07/2013 12:37:59    1421449


Would it not be better to change the Junior game (21 players ) rather than the club champ (21 x 16 players)

Of course we have dirtied our bib with Croke Park and the money situ as was in evidence last weekend with a 5pm start up in Derry (when supposedly both counties looked for Sat evening)

overinthewest (Sligo) - Posts: 119 - 02/07/2013 13:02:38    1421476


overinthewest - not a hope of changing national fixture - it has been tried a number of times my sources tell me.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 02/07/2013 14:33:58    1421660


Over in the West your figures are a bit out. Leitrim clubs have played 7/8 league games already and only one round of the championship. Mayo are playing the last group round this weekend and while they only have 3/4 rounds of the league played they have scheduled games for the next few weeks.

Last year we got to Connacht final and managed to play 2 rounds of the group games before it if not 3, and yet here we are first week of July out of championship and another month with all clubs bar those in league finals not playing a game for 4 more weeks!!! Im not in favour of changing the dates because I think its unfair on our players to change plans all of a sudden because CCC and Clubs who voted for it got it wrong in first place.

Sheltering our county players from competitive games in league and putting back the championship for them doesn't work especially for the lads who are on the bench who play with neither club nor county as a result. On the other side we'll just say Sligo did make it to a Quarter Final or dare I dream a having listening county final with the christmas dinner!

bunnies (Sligo) - Posts: 28 - 02/07/2013 19:48:15    1422069


Sligo club Championship now starts the Bank holiday weekend 3rd August. Good - lets just kick on now.

sligodomain (Sligo) - Posts: 88 - 03/07/2013 09:41:15    1422360


Bunnies - agree totally on the point of county players being shielded. It is unfair to clubs and the players themselves. We had a number of players between minor (who were not allowed to play for their club teams over minor) U21 and senior. Had some back at weekend and it was like a new team.

the whole issue which I agree with you on is, the dates were agreed. I like the idea of champ after league. It is the unfairness to clubs, players and their families giving one date and then changing it for (and this point was made at co bd last night ) and 2. county junior team (who is their manager, is there one!)

overinthewest (Sligo) - Posts: 119 - 03/07/2013 12:56:47    1422630