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Was in Tourlestrane yesterday for feile final. Brilliant game of underage football and Eastern Harps will now be going to All Ireland Feile in Derry next year.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 625 - 19/11/2012 11:32:13    1299583


They wont be going if the club have ever gone before to a National Feile. New bye-laws sanctioned by Ard Cohmairle will see any teams who have gone before excluded from going for a trial period of 2013 and 2014. Same for the hurling. More details will come clearer after the next meeting on 15th December.

highking (Mayo) - Posts: 168 - 28/11/2012 16:36:14    1303952


kind of defeats the purpose of a qualifying tournament if this is true

john.no1 (Sligo) - Posts: 456 - 29/11/2012 11:42:26    1304235