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1 Kilcoyne chap cant think of his 1st name from Tubber

2 Kenny Morley

3 Keelan Cawley

4 Aodhan Brennan

5 Kevin Gallagher

6 Adrian Mc Intyre

7 James Leonard

8 Sean Davey

9 Johnny Martyn

10 Brian Mc Donagh

11 Adrian Marren

12 Mark Breheny

13 Jason Marren

14 Niall Murphy

15 Stephen Coen

How many will I get right....... or will some of these even make the top 45

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 708 - 18/10/2012 12:09:12    1284856


Their all class, no wonder Walsh wants to stay.

allSOran (Sligo) - Posts: 690 - 23/10/2012 17:59:16    1287211


dont know if that will be the selection but i would propose that the all start team is the team that should be put out in the FBD league as reward for their performance in the CC. I like KW but there are still memebers of the backroom team that are biased. going on merit/form that would be a good starting point

TimtheEnchanter (Sligo) - Posts: 309 - 24/10/2012 10:05:56    1287409